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Title: Miss Kitty Mouse

Miss Kitty Mouse - October 29, 2010 02:03 AM (GMT)
General Information
    Name: Miss Kitty Mouse
    Gender: Female
    Species: Mouse
    Homeworld: London, England.
    Film: The Great Mouse Detective
Physical Characteristics
    Height: Only about four inches standing straight.
    Eyes: Blue with beady black pupils.
    Hair/Fur: Her fur is smooth and pure white with a rather long tail.
    Age: In mouse years, twenty-four.
    Build: Slightly curvy, but muscular from dancing.
    Unique Physical Traits: Though being an all-white mouse, she is not an albino rodent. Her snout is quite short, making her nose look more button-like than most other mice.
    Other: More often than not, Kitty can be seen in her work attire. This usually involves a rather small and revealing leotard or dress. She prefers the colour blue, though she is a fan of most pastels. Fair colours suit her light fur nicely. She is never seen without a pair of heels, generally matching whatever colour outfit she's wearing. She's also a fan of the dramatic, such as maribu feathers and sequins.
Fighting Characteristics
    Weapon: Her sexuality?
    Magic: No.
    Other: Kitty is a lover, not a fighter. However, if it comes down to it, she will get on the defensive. If it means getting out safely or protecting somebody she cares about, she isn't afraid to fight dirty. After all, a girl's gotta be able to protect herself in a place like the Rat Trap.
Personal Characteristics
  • Dancing, of course.
  • Singing along with it.
  • Being on stage in general, even for speeches.
  • Pianos.
  • Crazy and over the top costumes
  • Diamonds and other sparkly gems.
  • Children, in small amounts.
  • Cigarettes and alcohol from time to time
  • Seeing her sisters.
  • Psychology
  • Remaining a little secretive
  • Scaring people when they find out she isn't nearly as delicate, dainty or dumb as she acts.
  • Actual intelligent conversation
  • Sarcastic jokes and dry humor
  • Other rodents
  • Nesting
  • The idea of the femme fatale
  • The delicate act of 'persuasion'
  • Intelligent men
  • Mind games.

  • Being treated like a bimbo.
  • Pretentious people.
  • People who get everything just handed to them.
  • Being seen without her make-up done.
  • Plain or boring attire.
  • The colour brown.
  • People who tell you their life story when you just met them.
  • Being stuck in the background.
  • Not getting enough attention.
  • Heavy footsteps.
  • Getting felt up without permission.
  • Ink pens
  • Pants

  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Nesting
  • Naps

  • Owls, snakes and other natural predators
  • Losing her voice
  • Being embarrassed on stage
  • Getting old and ugly

  • Dramatic
  • Attention whore
  • Abandonment/Commitment issues.
  • Lack of modesty
  • Too blunt
  • Forgetful

    Family: Two twin sisters whom she works with at the Jazz Hands.
    Best Friend(s): Her sisters, for the most part.
    Relationship(s): None that have lasted. She has been in a number of them, but she tends to get bored and wander if they can't hold her interest long enough.
    Future Goals: To become fabulously famous. After all, there's a lot of voice in that tiny mouse.

    Personality: First and foremost, Kitty is a social butterfly. She loves to talk and talk and talk and talk. In fact, if you find the girl keeping quiet, she is probably up to something. She is one of those types that has a tendency to ramble just to hear the sound of her own voice. Subjects and topics don't really matter when it comes to the young woman either. She is a bit of a social chameleon and with her psychology buff attitude, she can rather quickly determine peoples' reactions and adjusts to suit peoples likes and hobbies. Kitty's attitude can change at the drop of her hat and with the kind of elegance that would shock. This way, she can continue to think of life as one big show and her just a very diverse actor in it. Her knack for sometimes useless knowledge and facts makes it easy for her to pretend she knows what she's talking about when it comes to subjects actually foreign to her. The downside to this constant flipping around is that it's a bit difficult for Kitty to express how she actually feels or thinks when the time comes. To often, she end up saying things just to keep others happy rather than tell how she truly feels on the subject.

    However, change has always been important in the life of Kitty. To the point where she refuses to write with anything but pencils or erasable ink. The thought of not being able to change consistently makes her extremely antsy.

    Miss Kitty Mouse is essentially one giant personality. While she absolutely has the look of an adorable little mouse, there is absolutely no way you could describe her a 'mousy'. She has a rather big and bold sort of personality, almost teetering on the edge of being downright boisterous. It can often be a bit too much for people to handle, the constant need for somebody's attention. All eyes should best be focused on her, or else she'll just get bigger and more risque. Her attention-loving antics often bring her to talk openly or even engage in sexual sort of things. If it brings attention to her, she really doesn't mind if it takes a little skin to do it. Any press is good press.

    Kitty has always been one for doing things for herself. Independence is key for her. While falling in love may be possible in the future, she certainly doesn't expect or want it any time soon. Significant others just tie one down and that doesn't really work with her desire to constantly move and change. Of course, this doesn't stop her from 'spending some time' with another, but it rarely lasts. It's generally Kitty to break it off. Not only does she not wish to be tied down, but she has yet to meet somebody who can keep her attention or stimulate her mind long enough. Because of this, she doubts she'll be staying with anybody anytime soon. Despite her not wishing to stay with anyone, it doesn't stop her from being quite a flirt. In fact, at times, she can be down right promiscuous. Sexual advances and flirtatious looks are what gets Kitty the things she wants. She views men as somewhat as a challenge. If they fall to her feet, they don't interest her any. She shrugs them off with a laugh and moves on. However, when they show no interest, she doesn't get upset or give up. In fact, this somehow causes her to become all the more attracted to them. However, it's probably just due to her needing everybody's attention at all times and enjoying the chasing - and most importantly, the win.

    Despite not being a huge fan of being tired down to anybody, Kitty secretly envies the idea of a steady family life. Children actually tend to hold her interest better than boring adults. It seems a little silly, but something about their childish innocence really brings about a happier and more pleasant side of her. Not only with literally young people, either. She tends to like innocent and child-like people in general. They seem so untainted by the world and that fascinates her. She tones down her overly sexual tendencies and enjoys life a little more freely. She also likes to behave as a sort of 'mother figure' and help them through problems that she once had. However, her profession of choice frowns upon pretty little sex kittens- or mice growing large due to a child. Just the same, she does hope to eventually have one of her own. Whether or not she has a husband to do it with.

    Though it is generally covered up by flirting winks and puckered lips, Kitty is almost shockingly intelligent. She is quite good at quickly solving mathematical equations, though her heart lies more towards psychology and sociology. The study of strange tendencies and the way the brain works actually interests her quite a deal. In fact, it's positively fascinating what humans beings can come up with in her opinion. What makes people tick in such a manner and why some lean to unusual or out of the norm sort of things. Plus, humans' faces when you're lecturing them about various psychological issues can be rather humorous. Because of her actually there intelligence, Kitty feels the need to constantly be mentally stimulated somehow. Even with something as simple as a game of chess to keep her mind active. She is the same with dealing with people. If they aren't animated enough, she'll grow quite bored and end up excusing herself from the situation entirely.

    History: Truth be told, Kitty (born Kathryn, though you'd never know it) couldn't say what it was like growing up with a father. However, that nonsense had never been terribly important to her and her mother was sure to stomp out any curiosity over the mysterious man. Truth be told, she didn't really care. As long as her mother continued telling her these marvelous stories of how handsome and brave he used to be. Like some sort of superhero from a comic book. The story changed every time. Some days he'd be a cop, others a firefighter, the next day a spy. However, Kathryn had to admit, the best job her fake father ever had was that of a fearless detective. That one provided her with fabulous stories of mystery and thus, it all seemed terribly romantic. Of course, Kitty grew to know her father probably never did any of the things her mother's stories went on about. He was probably just another one of her little boyfriends that slipped in and out of the house when they thought the girls were asleep. He was probably just like them and an accident occurred. She wasn't even sure if her mother knew who the man was herself. Because of that, she never questioned the stories. Not even when another mysterious man seemed to sneak by and Kitty was blessed with younger twin sisters.

    At a young age, it was clear that Kitty and her younger sisters were not exactly 'ordinary' mice. It was clear from as soon as they could walk that the girl's were exceptionally graceful. This wound up throwing the three of them into dance classes. However, it was once Kitty was able to inspect the ballet mistress' piano that another discovery was made. As the mistress pressed the miniature keys, Kitty began to hum along to the exact same note. After a while, she convinced the girl to sing a little song and sure enough, Kitty was not only good - she was really quite exceptional. Unfortunately, that was when the problems started.

    Naturally, a house of all women were not known for their extensive wealth. In fact, truth be told, they were quite poor and Alda was not going to be able to keep the girls in these dance classes much longer on her mediocre salary made off street corners. That's when the brilliant idea struck her. Why pay for the girl's lessons when they could pay for their own and then some? So, the girls with their fantastic talent and attractive looks soon found themselves shoved into every show their mother could possibly find, usually just background bits at the opera houses and smiling adorably at the circus. Sure enough, the little singing and dancing trio was worth more than one could imagine. Eventually, they were asked to perform on their own in variety shows. After all, how could one deny tossing money at three adorable little mice? Especially when one had a voice, not like an angel, but more like something you'd hear on a big Vaudeville stage over in the States that could belt for hours. Kitty sure seemed to be packing a lot of power into those tiny lungs of hers. However, the more and more Alda pushed for the girls to continue on with the performing, the less fun it was and the more the girls were beginning to grow tired of the whole charade.

    So, what did those clever little mice do? They ran away. Now, at seventeen, this seemed like a much better idea at the time. It was soon after they ran off that the girls realized they had no money and worse, no place to go. So after, the trio ended up at the Jazz Hands. It wasn't the nicest place, but they offered pay and a roof over their heads for the performances of the beautiful mice.
Everything Else
    Name/Alias: Maria
    Account Custom Title: let me be -good- to you.
    Roleplay Experience: Forever and a day.
    How Did You Find Us: Ad somewhere
    Have You Apped With Us Before?: Nope ;O
    Other Characters: None.
    Other: Uhhh, hi! I'm nice, I swear. :]

    Example Roleplay Post: (in character, please!)
Looking over her appearance, Kitty seemed like the last girl you'd expect to find hanging out inside the library. With her ruby dress that looked like it fit more like a second-skin than any article of clothing and her hair so blonde it was nearly blinding when beneath the sun's rays, she definitely came off looking more like a living fashion doll than any sort of science buff. Yet, here she was inside the library, not only seeming to have the ability to get around the place, but with an almost surprising amount of ease that made it seem as if this was not the young woman's first visit. From time to time, the massive collection of books could be a little intimidating if you didn't know exactly what you were trying to find. Fortunately, she was well aware of what she was looking for and exactly where to find it.

Kitty didn't have any use for the many magic books or anything unusual in the forbidden section. A section she never quite understood the purpose of. If the books were forbidden to the people, why have them in the store at all? Surely people could find them elsewhere if necessary. However, it was no bother to her. All she was in need of was a few more psychology books. Not that she needed them for any class, it was mostly for her own interest. However, being in the section numerous times before, she was able to find what she was looking for quite easily. Social Psychology. A subject that was not foreign to her and perhaps that's why she viewed the reading as more of a form of entertainment and interest than study.

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