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Title: Banzai

Banzai - September 14, 2010 12:14 AM (GMT)
General Information
    Name: Banzai
    Gender: Male
    Species: Spotted Hyena (Laughing Hyena)
    Homeworld: The Pridelands/Elephant Graveyard, Africa
    Film: The Lion King, The Lion King 1 ½ : Hakuna Matata, and the book The Lion King - Six New Adventures: A Tale Of Two Brothers
Physical Characteristics
    Height: 3ft at the shoulder
    Eyes: Yellow
    Hair/Fur: Gray with black/dark brown spots
    Age: 5 years
    Build: Angular, muscular, perhaps a little underweight
    Unique Physical Traits: Banzai looks much like the pack leader, Shenzi. His fur is mainly gray with black and dark brown spots. His underbelly is tawny cream and grey coloured and his feet are encased in black fur up to the knee. His mane and tail are both black and coarse. He has a snub nose and insatiable appetite like many of his packmates.
    Other: Banzai seems to be close to Shenzi… whether a romantic link or merely second in command, he appears to follow her orders.
Fighting Characteristics
    Weapon: Teeth, claws, stealth
    Magic: Nope
    Other: Banzai isn’t the brightest hyena of the pack… though he is smarter than Ed… to some degree. He usually follows Shenzi’s lead as she is pack leader, but picks fights with his pack mates, to assert his alpha male status.
Personal Characteristics
  • Scavenging
  • Tormenting
  • Killing for sport (even though it was outlawed by Ahadi)
  • Telling jokes no matter how bad
  • Food
  • Shenzi (whether as a mate or sister, not entirely sure)
  • Scar – to a degree
  • Fighting (and winning!)

  • Mufasa
  • Simba
  • Lions in general
  • That stupid hornbill!
  • Timon and Pumbaa
  • Going hungry
  • Being outsmarted
  • Being yelled at

  • Telling jokes
  • Scavenging
  • Fighting
  • Killing for sport
  • Doing Scar’s dirty work

  • Mufasa
  • Simba
  • Scar
  • Pumbaa
  • Meerkats (when they build tunnels for him to fall into)
  • Being left behind
  • Defeat

  • Makes jokes constantly – no matter how inappropriate
  • Stubborn
  • Short temper
  • Runs into things without thinking (namely cacti and thorn bushes)
  • Almost always thinking about food

    Family: Ed (brother, littermate)
    Best Friend(s): Shenzi
    Relationship(s): None known of
    Future Goals: To follow Shenzi to the Pridelands and the all-he-can-eat buffet

    Personality: What can be said about Banzai? He comes across as a tough-talking hyena, but when put to the test… he’s either found to be a coward or too over-confident (whatever the situation calls for). Like most hyenas, he thinks with his stomach and mainly about himself. In many ways, his personality is that of a pirate… if someone falls behind, they are left behind to fend for themselves.

    He has an insatiable appetite and constantly thinks about food, unless, of course, he’s complaining about lions after getting into a fight. He also has a penchant for telling the stupidest (read: worst) jokes imaginable, usually getting his pack to laugh. He also seems to act as an interpreter for Ed when he needs it… though since growing into adulthood, that has happened less and less. He, like all hyenas, is almost always thinking about food, where his next meal is coming from and how lions ruin all his fun.

    History: Banzai was born into the pack shortly after Shenzi. This resulted in he and his brother, Ed, joining her for many games, fights and adventures around the pack’s territory until one day, Shenzi came to him saying she was leaving to start her own pack. Banzai was quick to join, because Shenzi was his very-best-friend at the time and his joining made Ed decide to come along too (or at least, follow his brother as he always did)

    Banzai was still young and had not learnt how to properly hunt, as he’d always been chastised by the older, higher-ranking members of the pack. His job, they’d said, was to look after that nutcase brother of his. Even his own mother wanted nothing to do with Ed, and so Banzai, against his better nature, looked after him as much as he could. When he and Ed joined Shenzi in their little pack, Banzai didn’t take to hunting because of all the criticism he’d been given about it. It wasn’t until Shenzi yelled at both him and Ed to get off their butts, that Banzai snapped, and he leapt at his former-best-friend and they fought tooth and nail to establish who was in the right. Ed, wanting to join in the fight, tried to chew his own leg off. As Shenzi and Banzai screamed and barked at each other, none of the hyenas noticed as the ground began to shake. It wasn’t until they actually stopped their brawl to see the charging rhinos headed straight for them and they took off.

    Although being very good long-distance runners, they were no match for mad, stampeding rhinos and it was Shenzi who screamed at the two brothers to keep running before she broke off to lead the rhinos on a merry chase to a canyon. Once realising that the rhinos were no longer chasing them, Banzai stopped at the edge of the canyon to see the dead rhino. He and Ed followed Shenzi to the site and enjoyed a feast like they never had before. Banzai decided then and there to help out more with the hunting and hoped to one day bring down an elephant with Shenzi’s boulder-squashing technique.

    As time went by, Banzai, Ed and Shenzi formed a close trio. Sure, they were definitely a motley crew of hyenas, but together, they worked well. Even Ed felt part of the group, when in the old pack, he’d been shunned for his mentality (or lack thereof).

    One day, after entering the Pride Lands in hopes of finding food, the three came across an old mandrill named Rafiki. Banzai thought the monkey looked a bit too thin and gamy, but his growling stomach said otherwise… any food was good food at the moment. He could have eaten a rotting elephant and would have been happy. He joined his compatriots in surrounding the mandrill, and was just about to attack when King Ahadi stopped them, much to the male hyena’s chagrin. They ran off into the long grass and Banzai growled about the loss of ANOTHER meal. He’d heard of lions, but had never seen one until that day.

    Although complaining about the situation, Banzai followed Shenzi in her trek to Pride Rock. When he saw the magnificent structure, he was awed enough to hold his tongue. It wasn’t until Shenzi had whispered to him her idea of recruiting a lion cub that he began his incessant rambling. He didn’t think this scrawny cub would amount to anything, except a mid-afternoon snack. After being reminded that, like hyenas, lions grow, Banzai agreed to meet with the orange cub. The cub’s arrogance knocked the hyena off-kilter for a few minutes, but over time, he and Shenzi managed to gain the cub’s trust and alliance.

    Banzai was no stranger to intelligence, as he had been with Shenzi (the smartest of their small pack) for a very long time, but this cub, Taka, was more intelligent than even Shenzi and seemed to have quite the cunning streak as well. Banzai took quite a shine to Taka over this, but it was quickly diminished when the hyena found he had started taking orders from the lion. This made him mad, but with a quiet word from Shenzi, he decided to put up with it. At least for now.

    Things with Taka almost always took on an interesting turn, and one day, the young lion came seeking the hyenas after a heated argument with his father. Having been promised that they would go hunting together, Taka was angry that his father had broken the promise. The young lion came to consult with his friends and with their encouragement (and Ed’s insane laughter) Taka went to pitch an idea to Mufasa that they might go hunting by themselves. The idea had been to anger a water buffalo and blame it all on Mufasa, making him look like a fool in front of his father, but the end result was that Taka got a scarred eye for his foolishness. Banzai had seen that pesky Mandrill with Ahadi, when the king had appeared, and so, was suspicious of the monkey, but dared not say anything. But when Taka changed his name to Scar, he couldn’t help but laugh, earning a terrible glare from the young lion and a bonk on the head from Shenzi’s paw.

    Banzai, although still wary of Scar, stayed silent as the lion continued to associate with them. He often brought the trio food that he’d scavenged from the Pride’s dinner, so the male hyena thought that Scar couldn’t all that bad. Shenzi had wandered off in search of a home and had come across the Elephant Graveyard. Banzai liked the place. It was full of shadowy places to hide and bones to gnaw and geysers that blew hot steam into the air frequently, making it quite the comfortable place to live. At least, to Banzai.

    When Shenzi left to expand their pack of three, Banzai was left ‘in charge’ of the den, which made him feel important. Sure, he’d promised not to kill his annoying brother, but there were lots of places to hide from Ed when he got too annoying. If only he could get the dumber hyena to leave him alone once in a while!

    Months passed, the two male hyenas surviving on small animals that dared enter the territory or Scar’s helpful scraps. Banzai hated to admit it, but he felt lonely without Shenzi telling him what to do and how to do it. Just as he was beginning to give up hope of ever seeing his pack sister again, Shenzi arrived with reinforcements. Banzai was surprised to see his old pack had grown to exponential proportions, and once again met up with his mother and sister, whom he hadn’t seen since he’d left the pack so many seasons ago.

    Now that the Elephant Graveyard was no longer quiet and lonely, Banzai felt much more at home, knowing there were other hyenas to fight for scraps, or fight just because he could. Scar also seemed to be happier with the number of hyena-allies at his paws. Banzai used his time to continue hanging out with Shenzi and Ed, and tormenting a meerkat colony. Sure, they never caught any, but man it was fun to tease the little critters! If it wasn’t for that stupid Mufasa, life would have been a breeze!

    When Mufasa succeeded King Ahadi, taking on Sarabi as his Queen, they produced a little ball of fluff that they named Simba. Banzai wasn’t entirely stupid and knew that the fuzzball ruined Scar’s chances at becoming king. But he put up with Scar’s grumbling, unaware that there were schemes lurking in the depths of Scar’s angular skull.

    One day, Scar came to the three hyenas, ordering them to kill Simba when he appeared. Shenzi, always the leader, accepted the challenge and Banzai quickly followed suit. Ed was merely along for the ride. When the fuzzball appeared, along with another cub and that stupid hornbill, Banzai leapt forward, only to be held back by Shenzi. Following the pack leader’s lead, he laughed and headed out behind her, relishing in the feeling that he was terrifying to two small lion cubs and a hornbill.

    Surrounding the trio of trespassers, the three were soon engaged in stupid jokes and puns and it was Ed, of all people, who noticed the free meal getting away. Interpreting for his mentally challenged brother, Banzai led the charge in chasing the meal, reaching out a paw to grab Zazu’s tail. Pinning the bird’s wings between his teeth, Banzai took the majordomo to his favourite geyser, calling it the birdie boiler. Watching the bird shoot into the sky like a rocket, the three of them laughed uproariously until becoming distracted by the stupidly brave lion cubs. The chase was on once again until the cubs were cornered.

    Banzai glowered at them as he stalked forward, muttering ‘Here kitty, kitty, kitty!’ with each step closer. When Simba roared (or tried to at least) Banzai followed Shenzi’s lead and laughed, encouraging the cub to try again. When a loud roar sounded, apparently from the cub’s mouth, Banzai was shocked. Pausing long enough to be swiped by a large paw in the side of his head, he was scratched, beaten and cornered by an enraged Mufasa. Acting as if he didn’t know who the cubs were, he uttered ‘Toodles!’ and was gone before Mufasa could blink.

    After the lions had gone, Banzai and his friends crept back into the cave tentatively, Banzai complaining about not being able to sit down for a week because of the King, attacking Ed as his brother laughed uproariously at Banzai’s misfortune. He mentioned how much he hated dangling at the bottom of the food chain, joining Shenzi in saying how much they hated lions (“So pushy and hairy and man, are they UUUUUUUUUUGLY!”) before breaking off into laughter. Scar appeared then, telling them that lions weren’t all that bad. Banzai quickly retracted his statement by saying that he hadn’t meant Scar, because he was one of them, he was their pal. Scar then revealed his plan to kill his brother and nephew that he could ascend the throne like he’d always wanted.

    The next day, Banzai, Shenzi and Ed were watching a herd of wildebeest, waiting for Scar’s signal to charge. At the signal, SHenzi leapt forward, terrifying the wildebeest and causing Banzai and Ed to join in. Their snapping and barking caused a stampede of the animals into the gorge where Simba was waiting. And although Banzai had been complaining about being hungry, he did manage to snag a little wildebeest for his lunch, allowing his friends to join him before they went to meet Scar in the dusty gorge.

    Finding Scar next to Mufasa’s body, they followed his orders to chase and kill the young Prince, who had somehow managed to survive. Banzai, relishing in the feeling of running after his prey, didn’t notice the thornbushes until it was almost too late. He managed to stop in time, only to be catapulted into the bushes from Shenzi and Ed running into him. Leaping out of the bushes, covered in thorns, he pulled the offending barbs from his rear and spat them at the laughing Ed. He told Shenzi to go and get Simba, who was visible just beyond the thorns. As the young lion ran into the sunset, he yelled, ‘If you ever come back, we’ll kill ya!’, before they turned and headed back to Pride Rock to join Scar in his ascent to the throne.

    Life in the Pride Lands was wonderful. The food was plentiful and Banzai was happy… until he and his packmates decided to kill for sport. One by one, the different herds moved on, and even the hyenas went hungry. Shenzi consulted Banzai and Ed and the three decided to speak to Scar, who merely told them to eat Zazu or get out. Banzai made the mistake of mentioning Mufasa’s name and had to run before Scar decided to attack them all.

    It was a few days later that Simba returned. Banzai was as shocked, if not more so than Shenzi at the rightful king’s return. How had that tiny little fuzzball survived the desert to become such a large, powerful and strong lion? Banzai didn’t even want to know. During the resulting fight between lions and hyenas, Banzai and Shenzi chased after a small meerkat who hid in the ribcage with Zazu. At the sound of a voice at the cave entrance, Banzai asked who the pig was. Bad idea. Really bad idea. The pig, named Pumbaa, screamed that he was called ‘Mr Pig’ and charged them, spearing both hyenas in their rumps. Banzai and Shenzi ran out of the cave, Ed close on their tails and back into the ensuing fight. Banzai made a mental note never to attack a warthog again. They were almost as dangerous as lions!

    Watching Scar make his way to the pinnacle of Pride Rock, Banzai, Shenzi and Ed followed him, watching as he and Simba fought to the death. Scar seemed apparently unaware of his compatriots beyond the flames and tried to blame everything on them. Growling, Banzai backed away, feeling betreayed by the lion he had once called friend. As they ran off to tell the pack of Scar’s betrayal, they ran into Timon, the annoying meerkat that had warned them not to call Pumbaa ‘pig’. To Banzai’s utter amazement, Timon proposed to Shenzi. At first, feeling as if his territory was being threatened, Banzai began to edge forward, waiting for the opportune moment to kill this meerkat. The opportune moment never came however, when the ground gave way beneath the hyenas and they fell into a hole dug by the other meerkats. Banzai still didn’t understand that Timon’s proposal had been to buy time and had not meant to be taken seriously.

    The fall caused the trio to be reunited with their pack and as Shenzi told of Scar’s betrayal, Banzai saw Scar falling down the cliff face of Pride Rock. As the lion woke up, he saw the three and tried to schmooze his way back into their fold. Shenzi mentioned to Banzai that she thought Scar had said they were the enemy, Banzai agreed, before they turned to Ed, who merely laughed ominously. With that, they pounced on the unfortunate Scar, preparing to feed on the lion who dared call himself their leader.

    After a quick meeting before Simba’s ascension, the hyenas made their escape back to the Elephant Graveyard, where they would remain. Occasionally stealing a gazelle or two for all to feast on.
Everything Else
    Name/Alias: Al
    Account Custom Title: who YOU callin’ oopid-stay?
    Roleplay Experience: Long time
    How Did You Find Us: I followed the underpants gnomes to… well, you don’t wanna know…
    Have You Apped With Us Before?: *chuckles*
    Other Characters: *chuckles again*
    Other: I KNOW I said Kopa was my last character… don’t hate me… Banzai is just… well… weird and cool… just like me :D and Shenzi needs a friend :P

    Example Roleplay Post: (in character, please!)
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