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Title: Shenzi

Shenzi - September 9, 2010 09:36 PM (GMT)
General Information
    Name: Shenzi Marie Predatora Vendetta Jackolina Hyena (Just 'Shenzi' is fine though)
    Gender: Female
    Species: Spotted Hyena (Laughing Hyena)
    Homeworld: Pridelands
    Film: The Lion King, The Lion King 1/2
Physical Characteristics
    Height: 3 feet at shoulder
    Eyes: Yellow
    Hair/Fur: Gray
    Age: 5 Years
    Build: Angular, but muscular
    Unique Physical Traits: Shenzi's pelt is gray, though in some parts, the fur is darker, making up her notable spots. Her underbelly is a tawny color. The legs are black, both front limbs and back ones. Her spiky mane is just as black as her tail and ears. Her yellow eyes are surrounded by darker patches of fur, resembling eye shadow. Unlike her male companions, Banzai and Ed, her snout matches her pelt and she has bit of black spiky fur on top of her head. She is angular in shape and her back legs are shorter than her front ones, a common trait in hyenas.
    Other: Shenzi appears to be the leader of the hyena trio, similar to real-life hyenas, where females tend to be the dominant ones in the pack.
Fighting Characteristics
    Weapon: Teeth, claws, stealth
    Magic: No
    Other: Shenzi doesn't do fair. She doesn't care if it is a fair fight or not, just as long as she wins. Smaller creatures have little chance against her speed and cunning, and not to mention, her two equally dangerous companions, Banzai and Ed.
Personal Characteristics
  • Tormenting smaller creatures (meerkats seem to be one of her main targets)
  • Her companions, Banzai and Ed
  • Hunting for food (sometimes even for sport)
  • Banzai's jokes/puns
  • Scheming
  • Plenty of food
  • Praise
  • Being respected
  • Winning fights

  • When someone outwits her
  • Being double-crossed
  • When Scar yells at her
  • Banzai and Ed arguing (or fighting)
  • Being ignored (especially by her own pack mates)
  • Lions in general (Scar's an exception...sort of...)
  • Zazu
  • Timon and Pumba

  • Laughing and joking with Banzai and Ed
  • Tormenting the meerkats
  • Creating stampedes
  • Frightening other animals
  • Roaming the Pridelands
  • Doing Scar's dirty work

  • Mufasa (Shenzi: "I just hear that name and I shudder!")
  • Simba (He's just as dangerous as Mufasa!)
  • Pumba (Calling him a pig was a bad mistake!)
  • Being left behind or rejected by her pack mates
  • Failing her companions
  • Defeat

  • A bit too confident
  • Sometimes lets her anger get the better of her
  • Provokes other animals
  • Sometimes makes unwise decisions

    Family: None
    Best Friend(s): Banzai and Ed
    Relationship(s): Mate-less, I assume
    Future Goals: Get control of the Pridelands and eat all the animals there.

    Personality: Shenzi plays the leader role of the hyena trio. She appears to be the most intelligent out of the three, but Banzai isn't too far behind and Ed seems to comprehend what's going on(though he can not word it.) She is confident, even to go as far as lying to Scar, believing that he wouldn't find out otherwise. But perhaps she is best known for her vicious, violent personality. For the most part, she does manage to keep a calm, sinister demeanor, but when angered, she does not hold back. Shenzi will kill if it will satisfy her rage and has a heart of stone. The only creatures she bothers to have some sort of acquaintanceship with is Banzai, Ed, Scar, and other hyenas.

    History: Shenzi was born in a small hyena pack, bordering the Pridelands. Her famous companions, Banzai and Ed, were also born there. At a young age, Shenzi became fascinated with the idea of leadership, viewing the old pack leader as a role model, somewhat. But over time, Shenzi learned that leadership is more than just giving orders. When Shenzi was a bit older, she decided to start her own pack. Banzai and Ed were eager to join her, since they both liked Shenzi and they were tired of being pushed around by the higher-ranking hyenas. Shenzi graciously accepted Banzai and Ed, but to her disappointment, the other hyenas seemed content in their original pack. Giving up on trying to persuade the others, Shenzi left with only Banzai and Ed. At first, life in a pack of three, was difficult. Not only did Shenzi's hunting skills needed improvement, but Banzai and Ed sat around, expecting Shenzi to do all the hunting. This annoyed Shenzi and she confronted Banzai. Sadly, he didn't take to well to 'criticism' and the two of them fought. Both Shenzi and Banzai attacked each other, willing to fight to the death, while Ed angrily attempted to chew his back legs off. Shenzi and Banzai also screamed a series of insults at each other, creating a big enough racket to create a rhino stampede. The brawl was discontinued when the ground shook and all three hyenas wasted no time. Since most animals hated hyenas, the rhinos didn't think twice. Even though the three were excellent runners, they were definitely no match for any irate rhino. Shenzi noticed a canyon not too far off and had an idea. Screaming at Banzai and Ed to keep running, she broke away from the group and gave a loud obnoxious bark. It caught the rhino's attention and they followed her, saving Banzai and Ed for now. Shenzi kept barking to keep the rhinos at her, as she fled into the canyon's opening. Her original plan was to climb up and cliff and wait until the rhinos went away, but once she noticed some loose boulders, the plan changed. Shenzi climbed up and managed to make it to the top. Using her back legs, she kicked one of the large rocks with all her strength and it fell. As the boulder tumbled down, it knocked some other rocks out of place. The rhino herd made it out before getting crushed, all but one. The unfortunate one was killed instantly. Shenzi eagerly climbed down once the rhinos were gone and went to get Banzai and Ed. Once she found them, Shenzi showed them the fallen rhino and now the three had a meal to last them for days. Banzai and Ed decided to help for now on, hoping they could one day kill an elephant with that technique.

    But as the days went by, it became more that just hoping to kill large animals. Over time, Shenzi developed a strong friendship with Banzai and Ed. Though they were somewhat of an odd bunch, they managed to make a great team.

    One day, the three found an old mandrill named Rafiki wandering in the Pridelands. Days earlier, Shenzi and her companions had entered the Pridelands with high hopes of finding food. And an old defenseless mandrill would do just fine. Thinking this guy was fair game, the three hyenas surround Rafiki, giving him a bit of a scare. Sadly, for the hyena trio, their hopes of dinner were soon vanquished when King Ahadi arrived just in time to scare them off. Shenzi had heard about lions from her mother, what they looked like and what they were like. Since hyenas viewed lions as dangerous pests and also feared them, Shenzi and her friends reluctantly retreated. But not before getting a glance at King Ahadi's sons, Mufasa and Taka.

    Out of mere curiosity, Shenzi decided to follow them back to their den, Pride Rock. With a complaining Banzai and panting Ed, she managed to find the location of King Ahadi's kingdom. A magnificent rock with one end pointing towards the heavens and the other pointing towards the sunset, Shenzi couldn't help but admire the beauty of it somewhat. Maybe one day, she could live there. But with lions plaguing the area, it seemed so unlikely. Anyway, Shenzi noticed a rather unpleasant cub, Taka, sitting by himself a few yards away from King Ahadi and his other son, Mufasa. King Ahadi seemed to be laughing and joking with Mufasa, while an unhappy Taka just sat there. Shenzi had another idea and whispered it to Banzai. The other hyena disapproved, complaining that he hated lions and this one too small to do anything. After patiently reminding Banzai that lions grow, the three meet up with Taka and introduce themselves. Taka appeared a bit arrogant and unfriendly at first, but over time, Shenzi and Banzai managed to gain his trust. Although Shenzi originally schemed to befriend Taka, in hopes of gaining a strong ally, she was unaware that there was more amidst the eye when it came to the dark cub. It turned out that Taka was no fool and much to Shenzi's surprise, he appeared intelligent for his age and was even more cunning than Shenzi herself. Shenzi did NOT want to take orders from a lion, let alone a cub, she decided to put up with it, her plan still in mind. Plus, she found Taka rather interesting and secretly admired his cunning. Things became exciting when Taka got into an argument with his father. Apparently, Ahadi promised to take Mufasa and Taka hunting but broke the promise. He consulted with Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, and with their encouragement, Taka devises a plan. After suggesting to Mufasa, that they go hunting instead, the younger brother managed to anger a selfish water buffalo. Taka wanted to get the brute to attack Mufasa and make it all seem it was his elder brother that angered the buffalo in the first place. Thus making Mufasa look like a huge fool to their father, King Ahadi. But Taka's scheme backfired and one of the cub's eyes was scarred. Afterward, Ahadi told Taka that his scar is going to be a reminder of his foolishness for the rest of his life. Taka changed his name to Scar. Shenzi thought it was a little amusing, but dared not to show it.

    Though Scar continued to associate with Shenzi, the hyena had plans of her own. In the Outlands, Shenzi explored a bit and found a suitable home for herself, the Elephant Graveyard. The place was filled with the shattered remains of an ancient elephant herd, and a gigantic mammoth skull soon served as Shenzi's den. Banzai and Ed liked the area, and Shenzi did too, but she found it dull. There was only the three of them, plus an occasional Scar visiting to plot, and Shenzi found it a bit lonely. With all the time in the world, she decided to travel a bit and expand her pack. Leaving Banzai and Ed to guard the territory (and forcing them to swear that they won't kill each other while she was gone,) Shenzi left to find more of her kind. A few months past and Shenzi considered returning, after having zero luck. But when she finally found her birth pack, she was in for a surprise. The pack had expanded greatly in Shenzi's absence, the pack numbering close to sixty. The pack leader was older, and Shenzi took the opportunity to seize control. She openly challenged the pack leader for her rank and the pack leader had no choice. Either she was to step down or fight Shenzi. After a moment of thinking, the pack leader resigned from her leadership, avoiding a deadly fight. Shenzi took the leader's place and allowed the former leader to stay in the pack. Satisfied, the new leader led the hyenas back to the Elephant Graveyard.

    The hyenas loved the place and seemed content with Shenzi. Scar was also content, since he now had a greater number of allies at his disposal. Even with the number of hyenas to guide and command, Shenzi still found plenty of spare time to harass a certain meerkat colony with Banzai and Ed. Frightening the small, helpless creatures never got old, even if they didn't catch any. Life went well for the most part, but one day, the three hyenas caught a bird and a teenage Mufasa interfered and scared the hyenas off once again. Shenzi complained to Scar, but the dark lion had plans of his own that involved Mufasa.

    Mufasa finally succeeded King Ahadi and took Queen Sarabi as his mate. The couple produced a son named Simba. Shenzi knew that the cub's birth destroyed Scar's chances of becoming king, but she would remain unaware of Scar's scheme until later on. When Simba got a little older, Scar went to Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed and told them that Simba was coming to their territory. He gave the three orders to kill Simba. Shenzi agreed without thinking twice. When it was time, she waited inside the mammoth skull that usually served as a den. Through one of the eye sockets, she silently waited for the cub to appear, with Banzai and Ed behind her. But apparently the cub must have been delayed (breaking out into song about how much he wants to be king) and Shenzi got impatient. Banzai even began to complain, saying he was hungry, and Ed was chewing on his own tail. Finally, the cub appeared. Banzai almost lunged forward, but Shenzi stopped him, reminding him of the element of surprise. One the cub got close enough, Shenzi let out a horrific laugh that echoed throughout the hollow skull. Out came the three hyenas, who surrounded not only Simba, but that annoying bird, Zazu, and another cub, Nala, Simba's childhood friend and future mate. The terrible hyenas terrified the three trespassers, but they were soon distracted by making stupid puns about food. Luckily, Banzai noticed Simba and his friends running away,and alerted Shenzi and Ed, cutting the lame jokes short. Shenzi pursued them and almost got Nala, who slipped on some bones while trying to follow Simba out. Shenzi jumped at her and would have killed the cub, if Simba hadn't thrown himself at her. Simba unsheathed his claws and slashed Shenzi's cheek, staining it red briefly. Shenzi could not hold her temper after that little stunt. Enraged, she continued chasing after them until she finally trapped Simba, Nala, and Zazu. But Mufasa saved the day. He attacked all of them, though Banzai was unfortunate enough to have his rear cut by the adult lion's claws. But Shenzi and her friends lucked out, since Mufasa released them.

    Scar was upset that the trio failed to kill Simba, but at the same time, he finally revealed his plan to kill Mufasa and take his 'rightful' place as king. He promised the hyenas that if they assisted him, he'll make sure they'll never go hungry again. Shenzi and the hyena colony eagerly agreed. Scar later went to Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed and gave them a mission. The next morning, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed watched a group of wildebeests graze. When the time came for the plan to be carried out. Shenzi lunged forward and snapped at one of the wildebeest's legs. The beast bellowed, and the entire herd charged forward. The three hyenas ran after them, snapping and barking behind them, forcing the terrified wildebeests into the canyon where Scar had Simba waiting...

    Mufasa has died in the stampede and poor Simba only had a few moments to mourn his beloved father. Scar told Simba (in the most gentle way possible) that it was all his fault his father died and the only thing left to do is to run away and never return. Simba bought this and ran off. Shenzi walked up behind Scar, with Banzai and Ed behind her.

    "Kill him."

    Shenzi rushed forward like a bullet and chased after Simba. It looked like the end for the former prince. But the cub once again lucked out, even with his usual savior, Mufasa, dead. Simba somehow made it through a thorn patch alive, but when Banzai fell in after the cub, it sent the male hyena screaming back to where he was. Shenzi did not want to risk the thorns and decided to tell Scar that Simba died. She was confident, knowing it was extremely unlikely for a small cub to survive alone in the desert. Satisfied with her decision, she returned home to the Pridelands to welcome the new king, Scar.

    At first, it was wonderful. Not only was Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed welcomed in the hunting grounds, but the rest of Shenzi's pack were also allowed in. The Gazelles were the hyena's first victims. Once they killed enough to satisfy their hunger, the hyenas decided to kill the gazelles for sport. They knew that gazelles are a major part of the lion's diet and did this for both enjoyment and spite. It affected the Pridelands greatly when the surviving gazelles left for a better place. Thanks to the hyenas, a major food source was now destroyed. Other herds important to the lion's diet, were also ambushed, such as the zebras, giraffes, and wildebeests. Even beasts as gigantic as the elephants and creatures as small as a meerkat, abandoned the Pridelands to Scar's hyenas and the now-hungry lionesses. Shenzi realized she made a terrible mistake and soon, even the hyenas went hungry. After debating it with Banzai and Ed, she decided to speak to Scar about it. But the hyena leader was horrified when Scar ignored her. This put Shenzi in a foul mood and she even lashed out at Banzai and Ed, who were equally bad-tempered about the entire situation.

    To Shenzi's amazement, Simba had grown into a strong adult lion and returned, resembling Mufusa. The once-small nuisance that threatened Scar's chance of becoming king in the past, returned to threaten Scar once again. Shenzi had a feeling that Simba would be a better king than Scar, but she did not like Simba. When Scar ordered the hyenas to attack Simba, she gladly obeyed. But Simba had friends. Shenzi even made the poor choice of insulting one of his friends, Pumba. The warthog clobbered the hyenas easily. Who knew something like him could be so fierce?

    Unaware that Shenzi and the other hyenas were close by, a trapped Scar tried to blame his actions all on the hyenas, to save his own skin. Betrayed and furious, Shenzi walked off to inform her pack mates. She ran into Timon, the annoying meerkcat she tormented days before Simba was born. Timon proposed to her, horrifying Shenzi and just about every other living creature around. But it was only to buy Timon time for his trap to work. She, Banzai, Ed, and a few other hyenas, fell victim to the meerkat's trap and fell in the collapsed tunnels. But the tunnels transported Shenzi to rest of her pack. She informed her pack mates of what Scar said to Simba, and every hyena grew angry. Simba defeated Scar and threw him down to where the hyenas were. He is relieved to see them, but Shenzi implies that she heard what Scar said. Shenzi and Banzai asked Ed what they should do and the insane hyena let out an ominous laugh, unlike his usual laughter. Even Ed understood Scar's treachery. The hyenas laughed as they closed in on the former king. And that was the last of Scar.

    Knowing Simba would drive them out, Shenzi left the Pridelands and returned to the Elephant Graveyard. There, the hyenas would remain, occasionally sneaking past the border to steal a gazelle or two.
Everything Else
    Name/Alias: ASH
    Account Custom Title: {Terror} of the Pridelands
    Roleplay Experience: Several years
    How Did You Find Us: (From the old board? Please link to your old application instead!)
    Have You Apped With Us Before?: Yes
    Other Characters: Nasira, Ronno, Angel (Experiment 624)

    Example Roleplay Post: (in character, please!)
See Nasira

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You already know the drill, so I'll just cut right to the chase. ;) A few things... let us know when you've edited!
  • We would like to see a few more likes/dislikes/fears. There's got to be more to her, right? Especially fears: yes, lions are a genera fear to hyenas... but what else? Is Shenzi afraid of being abandoned? Is she afraid of letting her clan down? Really delve into her personality... she doesn't get much love in the films, so its up to you to make her unique!

  • A few things regarding the history... first off, make sure you match it to Domino's Scar application, so everything is all aligned. :) Secondly, there is no mention until Scar's reign of the other hyenas that Shenzi leads over in the Graveyard. How did she become matriarch of the pack? Where did the other hyenas come from? And what about the events of TLK 1 1/2? The hyenas seem to have a few hobbies documented in there. ;)

  • General reminder, don't forget to run your posts through a spell check, its always helpful! And keep an eye on your grammar and tenses as well. We noticed a few switches and slip-ups here and there, so try reading over your posts before pressing that submit button. You catch things you didn't notice the first time around. ;)

Shenzi - September 12, 2010 03:20 AM (GMT)
Ah, sorry about that. I edited it. ^^

EDIT: I'm currently working with Domino on the two histories, so the history will be edited. XD Sorry about that.

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