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Title: Edmund Pevensie

Edmund Pevensie. - January 19, 2010 02:49 AM (GMT)
General Information
    Name: Edmund Pevensie, Ed
    Title: King Edmund the Just; Duke of Lantern Waste
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Finchley, England
    Film: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe; Prince Caspian
Physical Characteristics
    Height: 6' 0"
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair/Fur: Dark brown
    Age: 16
    Build: A still developing build, but enough of one to defend himself
    Unique Physical Traits: Edmund has a sly aura about him. Though he has given up his bullying ways, a shadow of his sly nature can still be seen his smile.
    Other: When home in England, Edmund dressed as any school boy would have dressed in the late 1930’s. He wore shorts with knee-high socks, oxford-style shoes, and long buttoned shirts or sweaters in the winter. Whilst in Narnia, he would wear the royal and elegant clothing of royalty and when in battle, his chain-mail armor and his red tunic with a golden lion boasting on its front.
Fighting Characteristics
    Weapon: Sword and his hurtful words when younger
    Magic: No
    Other: During battle, Edmund usually stays with Susan to volley the archers on Peter’s command, but when it comes down to it, Edmund is a skilled sword fighter and will resort to hand-to-hand combat.
Personal Characteristics
  • His family, especially Peter even if he doesn't show it.
  • Giving Lucy a hard time, yet in a brotherly way
  • Narnia and all of its secrets
  • A good round of chess
  • Raiding his stash of sweets late at night in Cair Paravel's galley
  • Warm summer days
  • Cracking a sarcastic joke when everyone else seems gloomy
  • Making mischief for his siblings, the castle staff, and sometimes, important guests of Cair Paravel

  • Being treated unfairly, especially around Peter
  • Peter getting a swollen head and trying to act like their Father
  • Susan being boring with her fancy words
  • Being a traitor to Narnia
  • Not being heard
  • Losing a round of chess
  • When people take his sweets from the galley
  • Sitting still for more then 5 minute

  • Hunting and hiking with his siblings in Narnia
  • Exploring new places, such as the woods surronding Cair Paravel
  • Playing chess
  • Training with the castle's grand collection of swords and rapiers
  • Teasing his siblings
  • Dueling with Peter
  • Swimming with his brother and sisters in the ocean on a warm Narnian day

  • The return of Jadis
  • Harm to his family
  • The future of Narnia
  • Aslan's wrath
  • Growing too old to return to Narnia
  • Being forced to read a latin dictionary by Susan
  • The world running out of sweets, particularly Turkish Delight

  • Can become stubborn when Peter gets the attention
  • He can be cocky and full of himself
  • His sly ways can sometimes lead to trouble
  • He's truly lost without his brother and sisters
  • The need to beat Peter, therefore treating life as if it were a competition at times

    Family: Peter, Susan, and Lucy Pevensie (Siblings) Helen and George Pevensie (Parents)
    Best Friend(s): His family, Thaykar the faun
    Relationship(s): None
    Future Goals: Being a remembered king in Narnian history

    Personality: Edmund was a very bright boy, very good at problem solving. He played chess to help him in tight situations. Edmund, though bright, had issues with making the smart decision. He didn’t like it when Peter got the attention, so Edmund would blow up and become a little bitter every time Peter was noticed mor than him. After Peter or Susan would tell him to stop being such a brat, he’d storm off and pout for a while. He also had a tendency to pick on Lucy. Edmund would tease her and mess with her, just to make himself feel more accomplished. In other words, Edmund was a bit of a bully. He still deep down cared for his family, but felt the only way he could fit in was by making himself known and the only way he knew how was being a brat. This all changed after his first trip to Narnia, where he learned mischief can lead to betrayal and cause trouble. Returning from Narnia, Edmund became more caring towards his family, even defensive. While in Narnia, Edmund may have lost his bullying nature, he never lost his sarcastic ways. He’d still crack sarcasm every time he could, but wouldn’t let it carry on too far. He was also known to be an antsy and an impatient child, not being able to sit still, or least for very long, though he did develop a liking for exploration while at the professor’s grand house. Edmund also developed a sweet tooth during his childhood in Finchley. He loved sweets of all kind, chocolate, treacle, licorice, he loved it all, but what he savored the most was a big box of Turkish delight.

    History: Edmund Pevensie was the third Pevensie of the four children born to Helen and George Pevensie. He was a born on September 4th, 1925, in Finchley Enland and was proven to be a very mischievous little baby from the start. Little Edmund would get into things he wasn’t supposed to be in. He’d shatter and spill his bottles when he was done with them. Two years later Edmund lost his title as the youngest and became a big brother when Lucy was born. Edmund liked the responsibility as big brother and would often play with Lucy. However as Edmund became older, he realized Lucy was getting more attention than he was. A little frustrated, Edmund developed a habit of picking on Lucy so he’d get his parents to notice him. Other than this slight flaw, the four Pevensie children got along fairly well. Edmund was particularly attached to Peter, but his brother seemed to like Susan and Lucy more then him, making Edmund fell unnoticed at times.

    When he became older, Edmund and Peter were sent to a new all boys school. At school, Edmund became acquainted with a bully named Gordy. He met Gordy after the bully punched Edmund for walking in front of him in the hall. Edmund lost his temper and tackled Gordy to the ground and started throwing punches back. Peter had to separate the two boys. Edmund, though greatful Peter was there for him, became extremely embarassed that Peter had butted in and he stormed off.

    Gordy and Edmund still got in small fights here and there, and Peter would have to butt in before punches would be thrown. Edmund was getting very annoyed with Peter for trying to solve his problems. He started feeling like Peter was getting a swollen head. Soon after, World War II erupted and George Pevensie was enlisted into His Majesties army. The whole Pevensie family was heartbroken, but young Edmund took it the worst. His father had been very close with him. Slowly Edmund and became very distant from his family. When Peter then dubbed himself the man of the house, Edmund lost it. He'd yell at Peter constantly that he wasn’t their dad and he eventually started blaming Peter for their father leaving.

    As the years of the war drug on, England experienced the bombing terror known as the Blitz. Many cities, including Finchley, would be in danger of air raids. One night, after Finchley was bombed, Helen decided it was best for the children to be evacuated along with the rest of the children in England's cities. She sent the Pevensie children to the home of a Professor in the English country-side. Edmund was devastated to be leaving his mother, but became furious again after she put Peter in charge of the group. Edmund then tried to ignore Peter the whole way to the Pessor's house, only answering when directly spoken to. Even at the Grand estate, Edmund remaind bitter towards his siblings and it became worse as the days with the Professor became extremely boring for Edmund's antsy personality.

    Though one drizzly day, at the Professor's massive house, during a game of hide-and-seek, Lucy started babbling about an ‘imaginary” world she found in a wardrobe upstiars. Edmund found it the perfect time to finally have some fun, and he teased Lucy about the whole ordeal. After Lucy left the room in tears, Peter told Edmund he needed to grow up. There was Peter acting like their father again! Edmund blew up and stormed off once more. That night, returning from the toilet, Edmund spotted Lucy returning to the wardrobe. He followed her thinking he could frighten her only to find himself in the same imaginary world Lucy had been talking about.

    While searching for Lucy in the snow covered land, Edmund meet the supposed queen of Narnia. After explaining how he ended up in "her" dominion, he promised the queen he’d bring his siblings to her the next he came. In return she promised him a seat on the throne and a whole room filled with Turkish delight. Edmund soon found Lucy and the two returned to the Professor’s house where Edmund denied being in Narnia and that he was only pretending with Lucy.
    A few days later, during a game of cricket, Edmund smashed a window and the four children ran to escape the wrath of the professor’s house keeper, Mrs. Macready. The children ran to the wardrobe and barracaded themselves within. Instead of escaping Mrs. Marcready, however, they ended in the world of Narnia. After being forced to apologize to Lucy for teasing her and dening her story, Edmund declares they should explore, secretly trying to lure his siblings into the queen’s lair. However, Peter decided they should meet a friend Lucy met while in Narnia.

    After finding that Lucy’s friend had been arrested for treachery against the crown and after meeting the beavers, Edmund’s impatience took over, and he left for the Queen’s castle on his own. Once he reached the castle, Edmund was thrown in the dungeon for not keeping his promise. In the dungeon, Edmund meet Lucy’s friend, Mr. Tumnus. From him, Edmund learned the queen was truly a witch who had kept all of Narnia under her wintery spell for a century. The witch returned to retrieve some information from Edmund. After Edmund wouldn't reveal what she was looking for, the witch and her hostage began chasing down the other Pevensie children. Along the way, Edmund tried to be heroic and spilled that Aslan, the true ruler of Narnia, had an army waiting.

    The Witch, finally getting the information she wanted, kept Edmund prisoner due to the fact he betrayed Aslan and was therefore, according to ancient law, her property. Edmund was soon saved, however, by Aslan’s forces and he was returned to the other Pevensie children. After a brief conversation with Aslan, Edmund was welcomed back with opened arms and was ready to prepare for battle. However, Edmund still was the Witch’s property and she came to Aslan to claim her prize. Aslan struck a deal with her, and he died in Edmund’s place on the stone table. Peter was left in charge of Aslan’s army, which Edmund had accepted, and soon the Pevensie Children were standing on the battlefield near the Fords of Beruna against “Her Majesty” Jadis, the White Witch.

    During the battle, Aslan was resurrected by the love of his people, and returned to fight as leader of his army. He had come too late though, as Edmund laid on the ground, life slipping through his fingers. Edmund had attempted to stop the witch and had successfully shattered her staff, but he wasn’t successful in defending himself against a quick jab to the ribs with the shattered weapon still in the witch’s hand. Edmund was revived, however, by his sister's Juice of the Fire Flower, given to her by Father Christmas.

    After the battle, the four Pevensie children traveled to the Castle at Cair Paravel and were crowned the four kings and queens of Narnia; King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the Gentle, Queen Lucy the Valliant, and Edmund was crowned King Edmund the Just. The four ruled Narnia for 15 years. During their rein, Edmund became very good friends with a faun named Thaykar. When Edmund wasn’t with his brother or sisters, he could be found playing chess with Thaykar in the observatory. Then one day, after a game of chess with Thaykar, Edmund left with his siblings to hunt a white stag. While chasing the beautiful creature down, the four Pevensie’s stumbled upon the entrance to the wardrobe and were returned to the room they had entered 15 years earlier only to find a mere matter of seconds had gone by in the real world. This however was not Edmund’s last journey to Narnia.

    A few years later, a now calmer and more mature Edmund is whisked once more with his siblings to their once magnificent kingdom. They return, however to a Narnia in ruin. Nothing was the same. No animals talked, no trees danced, even Cair Paravel lay in ruin. The only way the ruins were identified was by Edmund when he found one of his old chess pieces. The very same piece he last used in the game against Thaykar nearly one thousand years ago.

    The four children soon learned that this Narnia was ruled by a race known as Telmarines, and very few knew who the children really were. However a small band of true Narnians believed the children where the four kings and queens of old Narnia after Edmund won a short duel against a dwarf. The children once more set off into Narnia, this time in search of a missing Prince. Once the children caught up with Prince Caspian, Peter and the young prince un-hatched, while Edmund just stood there listening, an idea to lay siege to the Telmarines castle, which proved a disaster. The four children returned to the small keep at Aslans’ How, where a thousand years ago stood the stone table that Aslan died upon.

    At the How, Peter was tricked into nearly resurrecting Jadis from a wall of sheer ice. Edmund saw the Witch emerging from the ice and he stabbed it. After saving Peter from treachery, the same mistake he made years prior, Edmund, walked off to find that Lucy had gone looking for Aslan. Soon Edmund also learned the Telmarine army was advancing on the How. Edmund ran from the the keep and was greated by the sound and vibration of a thousand Telmarine soldiers marching towards his location. Edmund felt fear suddenly engulf him. They were completely out numbered. The strong Telmarine army was greater in strength and weaponry.

    After a short discussion between Peter, Edmund and Caspian, Peter agreed to a duel against Caspian’s evil Uncle and the Telmarine king, Miraz, in hope they could end the war without blood-shed. Edmund was then sent to give the message to Miraz, who accepted. Edmund stood by his brother’s side the entire duel with Miraz, and after the cruel Telmarine king was betrayed and killed by his own trusted councilman, Edmund helped led the battle against the invaders.

    Though the Narnians were greatly outnumbered, they still were able to hold the enemies army off till Aslan woke a sleeping Narnia. Edmund watched with shock as the angered trees of Narnia took their revenge against the late Miraz’s men. Edmund and the rest of the Narnians pushed the Telmarines into retreat and they had won. Edmund was thrilled to have Narnia returned to its true state, under the rule of Aslan once more. Sadly Edmund was once more returned to England, this time without claiming his old throne. Edmund still hadn’t forgotten about Narnia and he wished more than anything to return to what seemed like his actual home.
Everything Else
    Name/Alias: Nate
    Account Custom Title: Peter's not King yet!
    Roleplay Experience: 4-5 years
    How Did You Find Us:
    Other Characters:

    Example Roleplay Post:

Edmund strode lazily down the path towards the sandy beach. His lips whistled a quaint made up tune, while his dark leather boots attacked the ground with sudden kicks, sending helpless rocks soaring. He took this path every time he got the urge to enjoy the beach, yet each journey down the rocky slope felt like a new adventure. He loved it. He loved how each step of his boots brought a different crunch, how each of his kicks sent a dust cloud that morphed into a different visionary shape.

Finishing his whistle symphony, Edmund sighed as his journey down the gravel abruptly became the glistening white sand of the beach. He glanced down to get a better veiw of the sandy crystals which he could feel slowly ruffeling under his boots as he stopped walking. As he moved his gaze back up, his brown eyes became narrow squinting slits.

Hand over his squinting, determined eyes, and slightly stooped over, he scanned the beach for the perfect spot to lie down. After a few moments, his eyes spotted a place which seemed to beckon him. Bending back up and shoving both of his hands into the pockets of his tunic, Edmund nonchalantly glided to his newly found resting spot.

With a plop, Edmund threw himself, stomach first, onto the sand. After a breif moment of absorbing the pleasant warmth against his face, Edmund flipped himself over like a flap-jack is flipped in a pan. The spot  wasn't anything special, but yet, at the same time, he thought it was perfect. Putting his arms behind his head, he gazed longingly at the brilliant blue sky. He wished time would just freeze right here, at this peaceful second. What a day. What an amazing summer day. It had been weeks since he had the time to stretch out on the beach.

A sudden gust of salty air clashed with the heat, causing a refreshing cool blast but at the same time sending Edmund's hair galloping across his face. Gently brushing his bangs from his eyes and enjoying the slight wind, he thought about the hunting trip with his brother and sisters that was supposed to happen any hour now.

'Why go?' Edmund thought to himself. 'Such beauty on a relaxing summer day. Why abandon it?' If he stayed, however, he felt Peter might throw a tantrum.

He felt puzzled and suddenly lost.

He sat up and fixed his gaze upon the glassy teal water of the ocean. He couldn't quit get why the sea was suddenly so mezmorizing, but it was. Picking up a hand full of warm sand and letting it fall like a waterfall through his fingers, Edmund puzzled some more.

'Stags will always be in Narnia, but how do we know we will be?' Staring at the scene of the ocean for a moment more, Edmund finally stood up. Wiping the sand from his back and hair, the king sighed a heavy sigh.

"Maybe it'll be fun. Besides, your not going anywhere are you?" Edmund said aloud to the waters breaking on the sand. "You will be waiting right here for me, you and your magnificent blue water and crip salty air...wont you?" Edmund said once more to the ocean as if it where a living creature. He knew there would be no answer returning to his ears, but asking the question still gave him hope.

'It'll be there,' Edmund finally decided to himself. Heaving one more great sigh, he turned once more towards the graveled path, winding back to the walls of Cair Paravel. Shoving his hands back into his, now sand filled, pockets and whistling his little melody, Edmund once more started his journey up the path. He stopped only briefly, to gaze for a second more at the gorgeous scene. Before he turned back, he removed his small silver crown from it's silky brown resting spot and nodded towards the ocean as he knew any true English gentleman would do after being aquianted with any beautiful madame. Finishing his gesture, the he replaced the silver symbol of royalty.

"It'll be there." ....His chest suddenly felt strangely heavy as if from grief and lose.

The sudden feeling made him frown.

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Hello there! A lovely start to your application, but before we can really can consider going over your application for approval, we'd like to see one quick alteration: we'd like to see a roleplay example that doesn't contain powerplaying/fanfic-style writing -- we need to see a whole post of Edmund, to see how you portray the character. :) So if you could come up with something without Lucy and the faun, that would be wonderful! Once we see that, we'll start going over your application. Thanks for your time! :)

Edmund Pevensie. - January 21, 2010 01:16 AM (GMT)
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Walt Disney - January 21, 2010 07:21 PM (GMT)
Ah, much better! Thank you for that. :) And now that we've been able to evaluate that, we have gone over the rest of your application. We would really like to approve you in this character, but we would like to see a few things added to/delved into before we do so. So if you don't mind taking a look over the following list...
  • The number one issue would be that some points of the application do not match up with the Peter profile we have approved. We need to make sure that all of the Pevensies are on the same page here, since there are different canons to Narnia (movie, book). The main thing I noticed was the ages, and the names of their parents. (In the first film, Lucy mentions her mother's name is Helen.)
  • We feel like the likes/dislikes/hobbies are very...generic. Ed's a fun character, why not elaborate on what he enjoys doing? Remember, even though he's a king, he IS still a kid. What would a boy his age like to do, not do, etc? Really flesh him out. :)
And that's it! :D Thanks for applying, and reading this, and we hope you make these alterations so we can approve you! Just let us know when you do so the staff can review once more. Thanks! :)

Edmund Pevensie. - January 22, 2010 12:43 AM (GMT)
Edited the likes/dislikes/hobbies/fears and flaws, changed the parents names to match Peter's and altered the history slightly to keep consistent with Peter's profile! =)

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Welcome to Fantasmic!! Your application meets our
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