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Title: Incoming! (the Holidays Snowball free-for-all)
Description: jump right in - everyone welcome!

Genie - December 7, 2009 12:51 AM (GMT)
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(the Holidays Snowball free-for-all!)

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It was surprising what a little magic could do, now this is what you called a snow fort!

Feeling extraordinarily pleased with himself, Genie put his hands on his hips and surveyed the scene. On a regular day in late December, the bleak snow-covered lands of the North Pole would be a desolate place indeed, a place of swirling flakes and biting winds that ripped across the empty landscape tearing at everything in their path. A land of ice in a sea of ice, a place of frozen fingers and frozen tears under an endless cover of darkness.

Except this wasn't a regular day.

Ever since his little stint as Dr Genie for that bunch of ungrateful villains over in Toontown, Genie had been restless and he blamed it on one of those old National Geographic magazines that had littered the waiting room outside his office, a magazine filled with amazing pictures of amazing places. Some of those places he could do without - the ones covered in sand for example - but the ones covered in snow, well they were something else and the pictures of kids and adults alike enjoying the cold weather, throwing snowballs, skating and sledding, gathered around bright bonfires, building snowmen, snow angels, snow forts thrilled him deeply.

And so here he was on an impromptu vacation and loving every minute of it!

Genie had magicked up not only the walled snow fort but a whole network of connecting trenches, foxholes and hideaways perfect for lying in wait to ambush your unwary victim. To the side, there was a huge bonfire blazing away, the flames changing from orange to green to blue; there were toboggans, skis and snowmobiles and a large clear space for ice skating, illuminated by strings of coloured bulbs. Although he didn't feel the cold like most mortals did, the blue guy - having heard from Carpet about how Al had fared at the Ends of the Earth even remembered to provide warm clothing for those that might have forgotten to bring some and racks of thick coats, snow boots, earmuffs and hats stood close by. There were chairs and tables and food and drink. Hot cocoa, hot cider and eggnog, baked potatoes, gingerbread, roast chestnuts, s'mores and countless other eatables and standing tall and proud in the centre of it all was an immense fir tree decked out in countless multicoloured lights.

The wind had died to the merest whisper and the clouds had been swept away revealing a landscape of silver and blue amongst which the tree lights winked and glittered. It looked beautiful, just the place for a snow war in fact.

Gathering up a handful of fine powder snow Genie whispered to it (a trick he learned from Gandalf, although he seemed to specialise in moths) and threw it high into the air where the playful night breeze whipped the flakes - his invitation to whoever might feel the cool kiss of snow on their eyelashes, to come and join the fun - away.

Settling himself on the snowy ground with his eyes glowing and his tail wagging slightly like a cat stalking its prey, Genie grinned as he waited for his guests to arrive. This was gonna be fun.

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Claude Frollo - December 7, 2009 06:43 AM (GMT)
Cold. That was the only feeling that could be experienced in that moment. Freezing cold. Judge Frollo was not sure exactly how he got to this snow filled world, but he was becoming used to blacking out in his home world and then awakening in a strange new one. The long thick velvet robes he wore helped a little, but it was not enough. A familiar face caught his attention, it was Dr. Genie. Was this another experiment from the therapy session?

Another sight grabbed his attention, which was quite welcoming. Frollo saw a rack of coats and various other items to help ward off the cold. Ignoring Genie briefly the Judge made his way towards the coats and grabbed a long black one, which he quickly put on over his robes. He let out a soft sigh as the warmth enveloped him. Seeing the other items available he picked out a pair of grey-colored gloves and a dark purple scarf. Much better, he at least stopped shivering.

The whole time that he scrambled about with the coats and winter accessories Genie was smiling at him, amused no doubt by this whole display. Frollo turned to regard him with slight indifference.

"Hello again, Dr. Genie. Or is it just Genie now? Where are we and what is the purpose of being here?"

Frollo began to take in the scene around him. A fort of some kind was set up, many chairs were arranged around a roaring bonfire and a table was nearby filled with a wide variety of drinks and food. Was this perhaps a party of some kind?

John Ratcliffe - December 7, 2009 07:02 AM (GMT)
Ratcliffe lie curled up under a massive pile of blankets. Naturally, no less than toasty velvet and fur. Between the bright sun reflected by the snowy out-of-doors into the large windows and Wiggins, his loyal servant, knocking on his door, "Sir, breakfast is ready! Shall I help you get ready." He ignored the boy, he was good at that, and when he stretched an arm outside the blankets, the chill air was reason enough to stay in bed. Breakfast would have to wait for him. Since when did he have to accommodate the rest of the house? Wiggins remained persistent, "Sir, it's paaancaaakes!" he teased, sing-song, as he grinned on the other side of the door.

But the cold! But the blankets! But the PANCAKES! Yes, Wiggins. You may enter..., he shouted begrudgingly, defeated by the promise of pancakes. Promptly, Wiggins entered the room and whipped the blankets off of John who was now exposed to the cold air in a woolen, knee-length nightshirt, and one sock. He scooted to the edge of the bed and cringed when his feet touched down on the cold floor. A few yards away, Wiggins was selecting his master's clothing. Red seemed appropriate for the season and he selected a velvet, maroon doublet to be worn over a cream-coloured shirt with elaborate blackwork on the collar, and breeches of a slightly darker shade of maroon. "It's so bright and lovely outside. Will you take Xerxes for a ride after breakfast? I'm sure he'd enjoy it and it would do you some good as well. How about it, then?" Wiggins rambled cheerfully as he re-started the fire that had extinguished itself during the night and put his master's clothes over the back of a nearby chair to be warmed. Ratcliffe, meanwhile, tried to balance on one foot at a time with the other against his leg for warmth, and traded off every few second while his belly and rear felt colder and colder. ...Wiggins, can you wait until I'm awake first before asking me things like that? he asked.

"Oh! Excuse my overzealous rambling," he said apologetically but upbeat nonetheless, "In the mean time, how would you like your hair arranged today?" Ratcliffe sighed and rolled his eyes, Just brush it and leave it be he said and walked over to the fire to sit down in front of it, slightly onto one hip with his feet in front of him, one hand under his shoulders and the other lying idly against his leg. Wiggins sat behind him, not missing a beat, and repeatedly ran a brush of boar bristles through John's disheveled hair. Brushing his own hair just wasn't the same to him, and like a big dog, he relaxed totally and tilted his head in whichever way Wiggins needed while the fire warmed him rather nicely. "Finished! Now your clothes are warm"

John stood and put on the items as Wiggins handed them to him. First were the silk stockings under breeches, followed by a shirt, then heavier boot socks, then finally the maroon sleeved doublet. John put it on and Wiggins fastened the brass clasps up the front then those down either sleeve. For warmth, Wiggins handed him a black wolf-fur robe. A tightly clasped doublet was not a garment for bending to the floor in, especially someone as thick around the thighs and middle, so he sat in a comfortable chair for his servant to assist him in putting his knee-high cuffed boots on. He took a satisfied look at himself in a large mirror - definitely a gentleman, not the same man who reluctantly crawled out of bed with one sock on.

His pancakes had gone lukewarm at his place-setting, but there aren't many things in the first place that can ruin pancakes. He ate them anyway and enjoyed them thoroughly before going to his trophy room to laze on a sofa in front of the fire. Unhindered by clouds, and amplified by the crystalline wilderness, the sun shining through the windows made him uncomfortably warm. Perhaps Wiggins' suggestion wasn't such a bad one? Wiggins!, he called and the young man was soon at his side, Get Xerxes ready. I think I will go for a ride today Wiggins nodded and hurried off to his next assignment. John took his time in ceasing his lazing and walking to the stable where Wiggins presented him with the reigns of a sturdy, tall black horse in proper tack. He mounted from the ground and rode calmly across his property to sight-see wherever he pleased.

Now a labyrinth of stripes of black and white, the forest was otherworldly with snow sitting upon wet black branches. Now, this is strange...on the other side of a mile of forest was a bleak clearing seeming to go on for nowhere. He stared at it, squinting against the reflected sun while a gust of colder wind whipped his hair from under his collar. When he turned around to look back into the woods, he saw nothing but sunny, glittering bleakness in that direction as well. He caught the faint scent of food. Spicy, sweet, and the smell itself warmed him. Wherever he was now, there were people - or a witch in a house made of candy...It was odd that the forest disappeared, but perhaps the people who were eating the lovely-smelling fare would be familiar with the magic that caused that. Once again, the wind blew, and he knew where the food was. He squeezed his heels against Xerxes' side and trotted him in that direction.

Amelia - December 7, 2009 07:51 PM (GMT)
It hadn't been this chilly in a while, certainly. She'd grown comfortable-disgustingly complacent, even-in these last few years. Indeed, there had been some fairly hairy situations during the Kattindog Quasar War when necessity had forced a crew's landing on freezing wastelands, but even then there was at least a good supply of Garfaulk furs or some kind of equipment and none of this pitifully Neolithic technology, and soon enough, despite her normally warm dress, the slender woman was freezing. She'd grown to love the warmth of solar sails and interstellar ports with their rich climates, and planets which hoarded treasure were often, if not always, selected for their heat more than lack thereof, so to find herself so suddenly wrapped up in snowflakes and icy winds for once managed to keep her silent of a witty observation. Well, at least for a little while; the sight of a smoke shimmer not too far was too much of a curiosity to ignore and so wrinkling her nose a little in preparation, she froze her expression into a wry scowl (chattering fangs were only conducive to bloody lips, after all), and with a bold stride made her way for the hub of activity.

...Well, it was certainly a battleground. Stalking towards the brightly lit tree and all of its accoutrements, the military feline couldn't help but be impressed with what had been achieved in such hostile land. The multitude of intricate trenches, miniature forts and foxholes were enough to make even a stern tactitian like herself eager to leap in and explore despite the dangers, they were so fascinating. Perhaps this was another one of those quests, albeit in a more direct warfare nature? That, at least, she could handle. As she slunk closer, her sensitive nostrils caught the conflicting scents of the bonfire and various Earth-world foodstuffs-scents which had no place upon the battleground-and it made her blink quizzically. What the devil kind of war was ever accompanied by a buffet? Good lord, this was probably something far more inane than she'd hoped.

Finally slipping over a treacherous patch of ice and sliding down an incline, Amelia found herself able to examine the curious racks of clothing available for her use, and just as she pulled out one or two intriguing pieces to try on, the catlike woman's pointed ears twitched reflexively at the sound of voices. A swift peek over the railing assured her that there were more unfortunate characters about (a darkly clad, agitated human oldster and some floating blue...Creature) and after a moment's debate, she decided to introduce herself and see about gathering a little explanation for this debacle.

Once properly (albeit suspiciously), attired in a hooded, ermine-trimmed coat of green and an extra pair of black gloves, Amelia strode across to Frollo's side with a quiet crunching of her boots in the snow and fixed her venomous stare upon the large blue creature the human was blaming, he apparently being responsible for their suspicious predicament. Offering him an arrogant tilt of the head, her pointed fangs flashed warningly in the sharp arctic light as she sniffed imperiously and stood arms akimbo.

"Quite. There had better be a serious issue to contend with to merit my being brought here. Care to explain, Master Blue?"

Genie - December 7, 2009 09:12 PM (GMT)
Genie didn't have to wait long for someone to arrive and wouldn't you know it but that someone just had to be old Crabby-Pants himself, Claude Frollo the 'it-must-be-your-imagination-I'm-pure-as-the-driven-snow' lecherous old Judge from Paris whom he had had the ... um ... well not quite pleasure as such, but anyway, whom he had met at Villains Therapy in Toontown.

Genie watched as Claude took in his surroundings, shivering and pecking about over the snow like a myopic hen until he finally found the rack of clothing and wrapping himself up warmly, looked a little more confident (not to mention belligerent.) If he thought Genie didn't know that Claude had been aware of him and purposely ignoring him up until now, he had another think coming. Frollo strode up to him, teetering a bit in the snow and and gave his a trademark sneer.

"Hello again, Dr. Genie. Or is it just Genie now? Where are we and what is the purpose of being here?"

Before Genie could reply, another figure appeared - this time a lithe, catlike female of military bearing whom Genie had never seen before. She slithered down an icy slope and without comment, made her way to the clothing racks selecting garments with the kind of non-nonsense rapidity that only comes from someone innately suited to command. Genie's black eyes widened at her natural feline grace and then narrowed just as quickly, as clearly having heard Claude's demand for answers she added her own, barking at him almost abrasively.

"Quite. There had better be a serious issue to contend with to merit my being brought here. Care to explain, Master Blue?"

Master Blue? It was as much as Genie could do not to break out in giggles over that one and he was sorely tempted to call her Ms Whiskers or Kitten in return, but something in the glittering green eyes told him not to.

Unable to decide who to answer first, in the end he simply gave then both a wide grin and rolled their queries together. "Hiya Claude! Nope, it's just Genie today, none of that doctor stuff thank you, I'm off duty! Ohhh, pleased to meet you ma'am, don't think we've met before. I'm Genie and yes I am a genie but no I don't do wishes any more - although I'd love to know what you might have wanted if I still did! That there's Claude Frollo, don't let him get too close, he's a man on a mission. Now as to why you're both here, well you tell me, you must have answered the summons!" Seeing their annoyed confusion, he grinned even wider, " Ah c'mon, why so serious? This isn't therapy and it isn't some tactical miliatary exercise - it's a snowball fight, it's meant to be fun!... Y'know, you two look like you''ve forgotten what fun is in fact, maybe if ya ..."

Jack Sparrow - December 7, 2009 09:25 PM (GMT)
And whoooosh! Once again, a certain renowned pirate captain found himself out of his element and whisked into another realm. It was happening so often lately it was almost becoming predictable. This time, however, this time was going to be the day that they would always remember that Captain Jack Sparrow was not merely a jester for the general public's enjoyment. Whatever purpose had brought him here, he was not going to be a good doggie. It was his duty not to play fair.

Jack peered down from one of the high ramparts of the fort, clutching his coat about him, his dark eyes studying the scene below. Aside from the battleground setting, it was quite pleasant. The glimmering trinkets on the tree and scattered about, despite their lack of real value, caught his eye and made him grin. He hadn't thought he was really one for the 'Christmas bug', but it was inevitable that Sparrow would revel in the season. Love was abound and, for a man who wears his heart on his sleeve, where there is love, there is fun. Christmas brought generosity that he could take advantage of, it brought giggling wenches, it made people more amiable, lazy enough to pickpocket with ease and, best of all, it brought rum.

The pirate's gaze hovered across the options of warmer clothing but he dismissed them. Although accustomed to hot climes, his attire was generally good protection it most weather. If his face got a tad nippy, he could always swipe a scarf and go highwayman style.

Of course, there was the Genie. 9 times out of 10 he was the one behind his miraculous popping-up-in-strange places. Silently, Sparrow scanned the soon-to-be-warzone and caught sight of two other familiar figures. The first - looming, insidious Judge Frollo, for whom Jack had had the misfortune to be forced to wait upon at that awful 'therapy' session. He longed to prove his worth to that prissy demon. The other - Captain Amelia, the cat-faced ex-Navy officer with the technologically advanced weaponry, smarmy and another of the "treat Jack like he's the size of a coffee-bean" club.

Neither of them had noticed him. The saccharine temptation of revenge beckoned the previously down-trodden pirate. Who was he to disappoint such a seductress?

With perfect quietness, Jack secured his hat and lowered his grimy hands to the soft, cold white at his feet. Perhaps this could be his element. After all, snow was water of a sort. He sculpted two reasonably-sized globes and began to rise from his crouch. Smirking to himself, he listened to them place their questions, most lately spoken by Amelia.

"There had better be a serious issue to contend with to merit my being brought here. Care to explain, Master Blue?"

Unable to resist, with the added smug feeling of interrupting Genie in yet another of his waffles, Jack called out from behind the icy crenellations, "I've got an explanation for you that's as good as any..."

He popped up to reveal himself and made his move. Swiftly, one after the other, the pirate captain hurled his missiles. The first smacked the side of Frollo's neck, sliding horribly down the inside of the unfortunate judge's robes; and the last, bowled at a frightening speed, splattered squarely into the whiskered face of Amelia.

Genie - December 7, 2009 09:40 PM (GMT)
Sensing the usual mounting irritation that occured whenever he let his mouth take over, Genie stopped talking and curling his body downwards, suddenly scooped up a huge double handful of snow and looked at Frollo and the cat-woman with a wicked grin. "Okay, let's just cut to the chase huh? INCOMING!"

He was about to fling the snow into their astonished faces when he found to his great delight that someone else had had the very same idea and promptly gotten there before him as two sizeable snowballs came winging in to land with satisfying splatters on the newcomers' necks and faces.

Scanning the battlefield whilst the splutters of rage went on beside him, Genie's sharp eyes caught sight of a sunbrowned, dirtbrowned face peeking out above the fort's battlements with dark kohl rimmed eyes and gold-capped teeth sandwiched between battered hat and forked beard. Ahhh one of his favourite miscreants, none other than Cap'n Jack Sparrow - things were certainly looking up! He threw the pirate a sparkling grin, full of friendship but also under no ilusion that it wouldn't be more than worth his while to watch his big blue back with this guy around!

Suddenly realising he still held two large handfuls of snow, Genie whooped loudly before slinging them into the pair of already indignant, astonished faces before him. Then, for good measure, he whipped behind them, pulled back their coat collars and rammed another good and chilly handful of snow down the backs of their necks.

Before either could react beyond yelling in surprise Genie flung himself into a nearby trench and grinned at them over the top as he began to make a pile of snowballs. "You guys havin' fun yet? C'mon, let's see what ya got!"

Dani Dennison - December 8, 2009 07:39 AM (GMT)
"Gack!" Dani landed sputtering in a snow drift. Luckilly she had on her colorful snow suit, a poofy hot pink jacket, hat, gloves, and snow boots so she wasn't too cold. She spotted a gloved hand held out to help her up and took it. SHe tood up and brushed the snow off and smiled. "Thanks mister...Binx! You're all people shaped."

Binx was in his human form, wearing winter clothes that looked like they were from the time he came from. A coat, vest, and shirt, short pants with thick leggings underneath and boots on his feet, with a green cloak over his coat. He grinned back at her. "So it would seem, and from the looks of things, there's some sort of snowball fight going on."

"Ooh! Can we play Binx, pleeeeease!" She hit him with her very best puppy dog eyes. Growing up in California for most of her life, she'd never even seen snow except on the rare occasions her Mom and Dad to her and Max on a ski vacation in the mountains.

"Well... all right. But who shall our target be?"

Dani considered for a moment "Hey look at that blue guy! No one's hititng him."

The girl and her until-recently cat gathered up handfuls of snow and full flung them at the tree-bound blue figure. "Eat snow Mr. Cotton Candy-colored floaty guy!"

Getting his attention Dani smiled happily and gave a V for victory sign. "Betcha can't get us!" And then they ran for it.

Claude Frollo - December 8, 2009 08:16 AM (GMT)
As the Judge stood waiting for an answer, a cat-like creature came to stand beside him. Frollo looked down at her, she was most peculiar-looking. She had the appearance of a captain, but her face was that of a cat. There was an air of regalness about her as she spoke. He noted she also was not amused about being summoned here as well. Genie on the other hand was his usual bouncy, excitable self. This behavior of course made Frollo continue to sneer in his direction. Genie blathered on about where they were and the sole purpose was that it was a snowball fight party. A what?! How horribly childish can one get!

In that moment Genie started to scoop his hands in to the white powdery snow. Before either he or the cat girl could react, the feeling of wetness and intense cold smacked in to Frollo's neck. The impact knocked Frollo's chaperon hat off. What the Devil! It wasn't Genie, as the blue djinn still stood there with his hands in the snow. Frollo whipped around, eyes blazing with rage. The assailant was that clumsy pirate, Jack Sparrow from the therapy. Frollo gave a low growl at seeing this. The cat girl also had suffered the same fate, snow splattered across her face.

Without warning, Genie went ahead and flung the handfuls of snow into both Frollo's and Amelia's astonished faces. And as if that was not enough, he then came over and dumped more snow down their backs. The heat of Frollo's anger kept him from feeling the coldness of the snow. This was pure madness! Genie ran off before Frollo could throttle him and Jack was hiding about in the trenches.

The Judge turned to Amelia, thinking that since she was just as angry as he was she would no doubt want to work with him.

"I think, my dear, we have an all out war on our hands. Since there doesn't appear to be any way out of this, what do you say to partnering up with me?"

Frollo smirked down at her, he was determined to get back at both Genie and Jack for their surprise attacks. Two new people suddenly appeared. It was a little girl and a young boy. The girl looked strangely familiar, was it in a dream he had seen her before? Something to do with some kind of Quest. The girl ambushed Genie without warning, dumping snow on him. Frollo could not help but laugh, in spite of himself. He would have preferred that he got Genie himself, but this was still just as enjoyable none the less. Turning back to the cat girl, the Judge scooped up some snow in to his gloved hands. Time to get his revenge!

Genie - December 8, 2009 08:55 PM (GMT)
Genie was so intent on building up a good stock of snowballs along the top of the trench he was hiding in that he didn't notice the girl and her companion plus her hot pink jacket - which was bright enough to qualify as a lifeform in its own right - sneaking up behind him until the girl suddenly called out to him. "Eat snow Mr. Cotton Candy-colored floaty guy!"

Cotton candy? Aww nuts! Genie stopped scrabbling about in the snow and floated more or less upright with his hands on his hips and a pouty expression on his face. Cotton candy huh? There, he knew he'd forgotten something in all the preparations. Pointing a finger towards the food area he made to take aim, intending to shoot some magic right across the top of Frollo's head (purely because he knew it would annoy the man further) and poof up a cotton candy, toffee apples & popcorn stall for his guests to enjoy.

Before he could do so, the 'eat snow' part of the girl's shout suddenly made sense as a double armful of powdery white snow flumped over him, cascading down his back with a chill rush that made him yelp with surprise.

Turning, he saw the culprits, the kid was probably around nine or ten, her face glowing with the cold and a very cheeky grin. Genie grinned back at her, she looked like a lot of fun. Her companion seemed a bit more reserved, a man presumably ... and a strange man at that, wearing what Genie could only assume was some kind of old fashioned fancy dress ensemble.

"Betcha can't get us!" catching his grin, the girl waved, giggled and followed by the man began to scramble way across the snow.

"Ohhh you think so do ya?" Genie watched them go, the smile still on his lips as reaching down he picked up some ammo. Winding up like a baseball pitcher he lobbed snowball after snowball after the fleeing pair and watched as the rain of white came whooshing down around them in a perfect circle with the last two snowballs landing neatly on both of their heads.

"Ohhh yeah!" Genie allowed himself a brief victory dance before sending a sizeable snowball Sparrow's way - just in case the pirate was getting lonely up there!

Thackery Binx - December 9, 2009 01:40 AM (GMT)
Binx and Dani ran from the blue creature's snow ball assault, only to find themselves encircled by a barrage of snow balls before two struck home at their targets.

"Hey!" Dani shouted.

Binx shook the snow out of his hair in a gesture that was more feline than human, as was the playful yet predatory stare the 315 (or really just fifteen physically) year-old lad leveled at their opponent. "I believe that was a challenge."

The pair started forming new snow balls and launched them back, some hitting their intended target, and at least one going off-course.

Dani called out "Sorry Mr. Pirate man!"

Binx unsuccessfully stifled a laugh, because really, how often did one apologize to a pirate for a misaimed snowball.

Dani giggled as well, even as she scooped up more snow for another attack. "Come on Binx! Help!"

He did as she asked. Truthfully he didn't have the heart to deny her anything. In his heart he considered her a second little sister. And besides...he was rather enjoying the game so far. "Aye aye Commander Dani."

She struck a pose straight out of that dreadful Power Rangers show she insisted on watching, snowball in hand. "Ready! Aim! FIRE!"

And Binx did. It wouldn't do to disobey his commanding officer now, would it?

Arthur - December 9, 2009 02:39 AM (GMT)
The cold of December had descended upon Camelot, a rather awkward time for the young King Arthur. His last December had been spent a servant in Ector's castle, but come the next year, ruler of the Britons. Arthur sat silently on his large wooden throne, reclining his head against Exalibur's hilt. Despite being almost a whole year later, he was still getting use to being King. Merlin kept telling him he'd get use to it in time, but as much as Arthur wanted to believe the old magician, he wasn't so sure.

Out of nowhere, a flurry of snow flew in through the open window and began to lift him up into the air. "Wh...what's happening?" Arthur said worriedly. Surely it wasn't one of Merlin's spells; the wizard hadn't scheduled any lessons for the time being. The flurry became stronger and thicker as the boy tried to shield himself. "Merlin! Merlin!" he cried, but his voice couldn't be heard. Within moments, the flurry (and Arthur) disappeared. A servant opened the doors a few minutes later, only to find no trace of His Majesty. "Your Highness?" the servant questioned, looking around.

Meanwhile, after the flurry dissipated, the King let down his arms to find himself in a land of endless snow. The scent of food filled his nostrils, causing him to take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. "Where am I?" Arthur asked; this time, not of fright, but of curiosity. Wanting to find out the source of the delicious smells, the boy wiped himself off and walked into its direction.

A little while later, Arthur saw a most lovely setting. A Christmas tree, unusual orbs of colored light strung on shiny thread (Merlin called them "lightbulbs"), a magnificent feast spread on a decorated table, racks of the finest winter attire, and people throwing snowballs at each other. He'd seen other children have snowball fights back home, but had never been allowed to participate in them himself; a shame if there ever was one. "Jumping hogtoads..." he said as he stood and watched, an expression of wonderment on his face.

John Ratcliffe - December 9, 2009 06:00 AM (GMT)
Voices carried extremely well across the arctic waste. Though unintelligible at this distance, the tone of the voices was undeniably jovial and his presence was likely to be welcome. This was, of course, provided he didn't usurp the host as he was likely to do, the more caught-up he became in the party atmosphere. He trotted his horse up a dune-like snowdrift and sure enough - a house! The exact appearance straddled the line between extravagant and quaint, and the party had already started without him, judging by the people in the front yard dressed in festive attire.

He dismounted and, in lack of a place to tie his horse, said "Staaaayyy..." as he walked toward the front door of the house. Every few feet, he would look back at him and repeat again, "Stay...staaaayyyy." The animal's demeanor was apathetic, but he was obeying. Unexpectedly, he got hit with something cold and only remotely soft; pieces of which splatted heavily into the untouched powder a few feet away. Initially, he was a bit annoyed; then he felt confused; then he felt like loosening up and winging one back, but to whom? Throwing snowballs was something he hadn't done since he was a fairly wee lad, and it felt good to do again.

[OOC: XD in retrospect, my original post was really rambling]

Amelia - December 9, 2009 07:56 PM (GMT)
Too stunned with sheer indignation to react for several moments, the snow-coated Captain remained frozen in her arms akimbo position for a few deadly beats, snow in her hair and face, not to mention the great armful Genie had frozen her spine with. How...How dare they! Too cold to visibly bristle, but too infuriated to let it slide, the young woman's lip lifted in a contemptuous snarl. This would not go unpunished.

"Juvenile, but if that is the way we must do things, so be it..."

Tugging the fur-trimmed hood of her coat over her head this time, the distracted woman busied herself with dark thoughts, adjusting the toggles on the clothing and rolling her shoulders with a sour grunt as the darkly dressed fellow beside her made his proposition. Turning fully to inspect the man whom was addressing her, the Captain let her sharp gaze sweep over his figure once, gathered all the information she needed, and from beneath the hood her pointed ears twitched with amusement. Thin lip curling into a smirk, Amelia closed the gap between them with a few easy strides, leant in close to the Judge, her clawed hands on the snow Frollo had collected, and gave a delicate wrinkle of her nose.

"Mister...Claude, was it? Hah, I once knew this wild Bivarlian by that name. Terrible temper, and the breath on that thing could pollute entire lakes, but I digress; now don't get me wrong sir-because I do so hate to be mistaken-but for a lack of a batter word, you are...How Politely to say it to you Humans...Old. Too old. Not that I usually mind those with wisdom or experience, of course, but in a 'warzone' like this, I'd highly recommend that you don't stress your good self by trying to keep up with me, hmm?" Baring her fangs in an infuriatingly condescending manner, she raised her voice a little as if talking to a deaf man, "Any objections, Claude? No? Good man, now go make some snowballs and keep up a good supply."

Offering a wicked smirk, the catlike woman proceeded to steal a good double handful of the pre-gathered snow in Frollo's gloved hands and offered the unfortunate man a toothy smile before taking off across the white landscape, clearing the chaos created by Genie, Dani and Binx with silent purpose. Glancing over the scene as she sprinted on, grim smile on her features, it only took a moment for a dark patch in her peripheral to catch Amelia's attention and duly she skidded to a halt in the powdery snow, blinking bemusedly at the large horse and the man whom had been riding it. Well, regardless of the frequency of his physical excursions, he looked about ready to start returning fire to whomever had cast the first 'ball, and not to be confused with the fool whom had hit Ratcliffe first, she stared at the large man with the silent warning I dare you to try it before breaking back into a run-this time almost directly into Arthur, some young blond boy (another human?!) who looked as if he'd never even seen snow before. Rolling her eyes, she raised her thin eyebrows at the awed lad and tilted her head.

"Well, what are you waiting for, take off?" Crouching slightly, she gave him a grin and dropped a snowball into the hands of the young boy, "Brace yourself, young master-and remember to always be armed."

Her work for the most part done, and her brain switched back into the primal urge for revenge, Amelia gave the mad scene one final, fleeting look, calculated the distance of the snow fort Jack had been aspied upon, and somersaulted elegantly into one of the trenches before setting off to find a secret entrance. The Captain was off hunting.

Genie - December 9, 2009 07:57 PM (GMT)
Genie had been so absorbed in watching his snowballs smack down on the girl and her companion that he forgot to worry about return fire and seconds later was lying flat on his back spluttering out a mouthful of the white stuff. Grinning, he floated back to his feet and mimed applause the girl's way to show his appreciation of her marksmanship. Snapping his fingers, he then produced something looking a little like an old fashioned kids catapult and with it began to launch snowballs(or snow-splats if you wanted a more precise description) back at the girl, laughing as he did so.

Movement flickered in the corner of his eye and turning he saw a heavyset man wading towards the party in that peculiar gait that only comes from suddenly realising the snow you just put your left foot into was far deeper than the stuff under your right. Genie's eyes narrowed, oooh the guy looked familiar ... another second and he had him, aha John Ratcliffe another guest at his little therapy session, time to roll out the welcome wagon!

Disappearing in a flash of light, Genie turned himself into a small furry creature that would have looked much like a lemming - if it wasn't blue. Taking note of Ratcliffe's line of approach the Genie-lemming promptly dived under the snow and burrowed towards him until it was a couple of yards away when there was a second flash and no lemming but the full-size Genie himself erupting through the snow, which must have been an alarming sight for the astonished Ratcliffe.

"John! How are ya? Good to see ya? Welcome to the party - I see you've already let ya hair down - say, that's a pretty good look for you y'know!" Genie babbled on pointing out the various provisions as he spoke, "Warm clothes are over there, hot food is over there, drinks and candies down that way, make yourself at home buddy, it's good to have ya with us, oh and by the way ..." Genie suddenly let fly with another sizeable snowball that thumped into Ratcliffe's chest with a satisying smoosh and then turned a backflip in the air before streaking away across the snow, his voice floating back behind him "You're it!"

Jack Sparrow - December 9, 2009 11:22 PM (GMT)
((Blimmin' 'eck, you lot, slow down! XD))

Despite having immediately ducked down and scurried along several feet from his last position, the other Captain had only just managed to escape the frosty missile launched by Genie. He had thought it suspicious when the snowball suddenly changed directions mid-flight and plummeted straight for him. With a yelp he had dived through the nearest tunnel, which turned out to be a lot smoother and more vertical than he expected. Yelling as he went, Sparrow slid headfirst down the chute and tumbled out lower down the fort. Once the sudden ride had ended and the dazed pirate extricated himself from a buffer block of snow, he wobbled to his feet and breathed a sigh of relief.

Too late, he did not see the stray projectile thrown by, of all people, a little girl. It smacked into his right cheek, splattering over his eye and one half of his forked beard. He grimaced at the cold. Gingerly he wiped off the residue and blinked at his attacker. She and her friend were already scooping together more snowballs.

"Bugger..." Jack whispered under his breath and ducked down once more. Keeping low to the ground, he scurried back into the sheltered hideaways of the fort. Briefly he paused at a small, round window carved through the ice and noted the arrival of a young lad and a rather portly man wearing a blaring maroon. All curiosity ceased the moment he caught sight of the agile cat woman leaping through the trenches in the direction of the fort.

Hurriedly, the pirate captain scooped together as much snow as he could stuff into his arms and barrelled further into the structure. It was so very much like a real castle inside, verging on the house of a certain superhero who shall be referred to as 'Bloopervan'. Sparrow skittered into a courtyard filled with ice sculptures, took a moment to gaze in wonder, and then darted amongst the works of art for cover.

John Ratcliffe - December 10, 2009 04:37 AM (GMT)
John gathered a snowball in his hand and flinched for a moment to pick a target. Conveniently in front of him, there was a catlike woman who had "I like snowballs when they're thrown at me," written all over her face. Regardless of whether she threw the one that hit him was irrelevant. However, by the time he had reacted, she began to run away. He attempted to pursue her, forgetting that she, like a cat, she was spry and agile...and he was in no way built for speed. At all. It wasn't going to happen.

After about 10 yards of what could only be described as "askldja;klsjalska" - high-stepping, slipping, arm-waving, wing-and-a-prayer, and involving some bouncing, as would be the case with anyone more than a touch on the voluptuous side - he gave up and turned around only to be greeted by a very familiar djinn, at whom he froze abruptly in mid-stride in a flinchy manner.

"John! How are ya? Good to see ya? Welcome to the party - I see you've already let ya hair down - say, that's a pretty good look for you y'know! Warm clothes are over there, hot food is over there, drinks and candies down that way, make yourself at home buddy, it's good to have ya with us, oh and by the way ..." Genie suddenly let fly with another sizeable snowball that thumped into Ratcliffe's chest with a satisying smoosh and then turned a backflip in the air before streaking away across the snow, his voice floating back behind him "You're it!"

Nodding, nodding, walking a little bit toward the house, and nodding, he was just about to continue past Genie and get some of whatever smelled delicious when he got hit by Genie's snowball. This time, he was remotely prepared. He made another and watched the blue guy zip across the landscape. This time he was collected enough to attempt to lead a bit with his thrown snowball. But would it hit?

Drizella Tremaine - December 10, 2009 05:40 AM (GMT)

    Winter meant one thing, and one thing only to a Tremaine sister -- Christmas.

    For Christmas meant presents, and Christmas meant feasts. And these were two of Drizella's most favorite things. Of course, the pickings had been meager the past several years, once the Lord Tremaine's money had all dried up. As children, the raven and red haired girls had been spoiled rotten, recieving dollies and dresses and hats and even a pet cat, who was eventually dumped upon their mother anyhow. They ate exquiste meals, followed by grand deserts that left you feeling ill once you'd stuffed yourself full of them. But now... now they were lucky to get a dress or two, and a chicken from the barn out back.

    Blast that Cinderella, she was probably feasting in frivolry back in the castle...

    Of course, perhaps the WORST thing about the winter was...the cold. Bundled up in one of her many green dresses (this one long sleeved with a collar), she had adorned herself with a shawl, an apron, a bonnet, and a second shawl around her head -- all in hopes of battling the cold as she was sent out to chop wood for the kitchen fires. She mumbled all the way, of course, finding the axe hidden in a thin layer of snow. "Blast that Cinderella." she muttered aloud, her thoughts repeating themselves endlessly. "This is her job." Or it was, anyhow.

    She had just struggled the axe up over her head when suddenly...the air whooshed around her, and the scenery before her changed quite suddenly, startling her. As she dropped the axe down to the wood that was no longer there, she completely lost her footing, toppling busttle over heels into a snowdrift. With a shocked (and slightly angered) screech, she tore out of the cold wet substance, shivering as she stared about wildly. One rather blue being stood out to her promenantly, and she felt as if she might cry. "Not YOU!" she cried in dismay. It was that insane Genie! And look, more of his little therapy buddies were here too! Oh, what a nightmare. What had she done to deserve THIS?!

    Who knew. But a stray snowball had just splatted right in her face, and she let out another wail of dismay.

Claude Frollo - December 10, 2009 08:09 AM (GMT)
The Judge could feel his blood boiling after the cat creature approached him. It wasn't how she took a good deal of the snow from his gloved his hands, nor was it the way she poked fun at his name. No, it was how she insulted his age. Old? True, Judge Frollo may be older, but to be referred to as old? How dare she speak in such a manner towards him! Very few men in his age range would not be able to do half the things he has done. Frollo was not your typical old man, not by a long shot! And that condescending tone she spoke with, that irritated him to no end! He was also a bit annoyed with himself. As she moved to stand so close to him he actually was a bit stunned. Momentarily dazed as yet another female creature, one not even human this time, managed to make him look like a fool! Damn his weakness for the opposite gender! It would be his downfall if he was not careful.

The cat girl had taken off running down through the trenches. It was clear in that moment that it was every man and woman for themselves. Fine then, let the games begin!

Frollo started off in one direction, more people were showing up. Some he recognized from therapy; John Ratcliffe and Drizella. Seeing Drizella made him smirk widely. Remembering what she said during her ridiculous portrayal of himself made him scoop up some snow. She was standing about, looking like an easy target and already acting in her usual spoiled brat self. Frollo launched a snowball in her direction, which smacked right into her face. Direct hit! Her loud whiny wail made him chuckle. Oh, this might actually be fun! It had been a long time since he threw a snowball. He was a child when he last remembered doing that. Behavior such as this was frowned upon by his father, who was quite strict. He preferred he worked on his studies and not waste his time playing silly games.

Frollo headed for the trenches seeing who else he could throw snow at. Jack was being his usual sneaky self. Genie on the other hand was spotted after just smacking Ratcliffe in the face. He had not seen him yet, which was good. The Judge quickly maneuvered himself close enough to throw snow in the surprised djinn's blue face.

"Payback, my dear Genie, it's only fair!"

With that Frollo then ran back down a slope, smirking as he did so.

Genie - December 10, 2009 09:35 PM (GMT)
"Genie sense tingling!"

But unfortunately not tingling quick enough as catching movement behind him, Genie whirled around too late to do anything other than gasp with shock as he received a handful of snow smack in the face. Shaking the stuff out of his ears and eyes he saw the Minister of Justice standing there wearing an expression quite unlike anything he had ever seen on the normally stern face before - whoa! The man was actually enjoying himself!

"Payback, my dear Genie, it's only fair!" With that Frollo sped off down the slope, robes and coat flapping like demented wings.

Genie waited until the Claude reached what he probably thought was a safe distance beyond Genie's range and then turning one of his hands into a large shovel-like scoop, dug deep, flexed his arm and sent a large pile of snow rocketing through the air towards the retreating figure. He then stood, hands on hips waiting for the moment of impact.

Before it came though, he was distracted by a horrified screeching at close range. "Not YOU!" The words were hardly out of the shrieker's sizeable mouth when a snowball hit her too and the screeching noise redoubled.

"DRIZ!" Genie whirled around with an insane grin of welcome on his face and grabbed the newcomer by the shoulders, whirling her around in the snow as though they were dancing at a ball. "Aww, it's nice to see you again! How are ya keeping? Met any nice princes lately?" Genie continued to whirl the girl around, not realising that he was effectively spinning the pair of them deeper and deeper into the snow with each revolution until coming to a halt he found they were standing in a deep hole with just their heads and shoulders above the ground. Their eyes met, "Oooh, you're shivering!"

Ducking an incoming flurry of snowballs and shielding the girl with his body as he did so, Genie noticed she wore no thick winter coat and in a shower of sparkles zapped one up for her of a deep emerald colour with fur trim (fake of course) and a matching muff to keep her hands warm.

He grinned at Drizella again, "Better I hope? I don't want you catching a cold out here. Merry Christmas by the way -" his bright eyes widened & suddenly wiggling his fingers he produced a small piece of greenery out of thin air and held it above their heads with a wicked smirk "Oh and speaking of Christmas, I just happen to have a sprig of very traditional mistletoe here. Soooo Mizz Driz., care for a smooch?"

Claude Frollo - December 11, 2009 07:03 PM (GMT)
SPLAT!!! Snow splattered against the Minister's black coat. Truly though, this really came as no surprise. Frollo whipped around, expecting to see Genie standing there with a smug look on his face, but instead he saw he was busy at the moment. Busy working on the spoiled brat Drizella. Intrigued slightly, he watched as Genie shielded her from on-coming snowballs, goodness knows from who. He then could see the djinn holding mistletoe above both their heads, hoping to get a kiss from the girl. Frollo could not help but shake his head and chuckle at this sight.

Having seen enough, he headed back down a path, seeing who else was around. It was not long before he came upon Captain Kitty Cat herself. Her back was turned, Frollo slinked his way towards her. This was far too easy, the adrenalin was pumping within him. Seeing that she had a clump of snow in her clawed hands made him stifle a laugh. Scooping up a snowball of his own quietly he immediately sent it smacking in to her back. It was more the surprise of being hit than anything that sent her falling forward. Frollo glided towards her quickly, bent down to remove the snow from her hands and smirked down at her.

"For an old guy I am quite quick and sneaky. Do make a note of that, my dear."

And with that the Minister was off again, enjoying the surprised look on the catgirl's face. No doubt she would most likely hunt him down, but this was so worth it. Besides, it was only snow, no harm done.

Dani Dennison - December 11, 2009 08:32 PM (GMT)
Dani was completely in her element despite having grown up in sunny California. She'd always been more than able to hold her own at playground games and gym activities. Especially dodge-ball/ And this was almost exactly like that. Except there were no teams so far (Except her and Binx) and you had to make the balls.

She and Binx kept throwing, targeting everybody, and at the same time trying to duck from everyone else's snowballs. Running, they slid through the for's tunnels and saw the pirate again. She smiled brightly "Hey Mr. Pirate Man. You wanna be on our team? We can fight the scurvy dogs! Grr! Arr Matey! Right Binx?"

Binx blinked, then smiled ruefully. It had been quite some time since he'd last played pirates, but he'd give it a go anyway. "Yes. Quite. Avast! And such."

Dani giggled happily, red hair escaping form her hood. "Oh! We need more ammo! Come on!" She started making more snowballs and signaled for the others to do the same. The game was back on! She started flinging at every target she could see. "Yeah! Whoo! We rock! We rock your socks off! You don't have socks anymore!"

This was totally the most awesometastic snowball fight ever!

Drizella Tremaine - December 15, 2009 02:02 PM (GMT)

    Personal space invaded! Drizella couldn't help a 'meep' of surprise as she was grabbed up and twirled about by the big blue genie, who launched into a tirade of questions. She tried her best to keep up -- sure, as fine as one can be, and no -- but she couldn't really get out any answers. Not only did he talk a mile a minute, but she was getting sort of dizzy...

    Finally, they stopped, and she realized they were somehow buried shoulder-deep in the snow. She stared blankly at the Genie, wondering to herself 'I wonder if I could RUN home' when he suddenly gasped out that she was shivering. Her eyebrows knit together as her lips turned up into a sarcastic scowl. "I AM? Oh, and here I thought I was quite comfortable." Before she could fit in another sarcastic comment, she was being coated in sparkles. What was he DOING to her-oh. Looking down, she saw her new attire, mouth forming an O of surprise as she took in the faux fur and the lovely emerald color.

    Looking up at the Genie, she managed out an " Christmas." in response, before turning her attention back down to her new coat. When she did happen to glance up again, however, she noted all at once the little sprig of green, and the great big blue lips asking her for a kiss. Looking slightly scandalized, she stumbled back -- though didn't get very far in their snowy 'prison'. "But we're not even COURTING!" she said pointedly, wondering what her mother would think about this. Mistletoe...what a silly tradition, she'd say. Besides. If she came home with a big blue genie for a husband, well.... well actually, look-wise he might not be a catch by their standards, but he would be great to have around the house

    She was suddenly quite lost in thought, pondering over this newfound idea.

Genie - December 17, 2009 10:00 PM (GMT)
"But we're not even COURTING!"

Genie was so surprised that Drizella hadn't indignantly slapped his face at the very first mention of an impromptu under-the-mistletoe smooch that her words took him completely by surprise. True she spoke them in a somewhat pointed fashion but even so there was not a screech to be heard. It was mighty perplexing and whilst his ears rejoiced on that score, he couldn't help but feel a little bit puzzled at the faraway look she had suddenly adopted. It was as if the she was imagining something, calculating the odds... a prickle of apprehension teased up his back.

Uncharacteristically silent himself, he looked askance at her with raised eyebrows, what was courting anyway? He was pretty sure he had heard of it somewhere. Frowning, Genie rubbed his temples trying to place the (what seemed to him at least) somewhat archaic term and seconds later his eyes widened with shock ... oh courting, the thing that came before engagement and marriage. His eyes became even wider, waitaminnit, engagement and marriage?

Suddenly forgetting the mistletoe, Genie stared at the girl dumbfounded, he wanted to laugh at her simple comment but couldn't, the innate urge to serve others still ran too strong in him.

"C-courting? Uh .... do ... do you want us to be?"

No! What was he saying? Aw jeez, shut up Genie! What if she says yes? You'll have to do it then won't you, you can't hurt her feelings. His eyes wandered around the white walls of their prison looking for the escape lane but before he could stop it his mouth was off at a gallop, "Mind you I'm pretty handy around the place, the ol' magic touch and all that ya know? Housework and chores done in a jiffy; coach and four at the snap my fingers - and not an overgrown gourd in sight! New clothes, new shoes, no darning, no cooking, no chopping, no carrying, no make do and mending and palace life is wonderful, the sun, the sights ... oh and the sand. Mingling with princesses and sultans, dinner by the ... uhhhh -"

By now Genie's eyes were the size of dinner plates, he simply couldn't seem to help himself, he had to show off and now he was name dropping too. He looked at the girl standing there in her green coat staring at him wide eyed and gently laying a hand on her arm tried one last time, "Dontcha think I'm kinda old for you?"

Seconds later the tension between them broke as a very considerate anonymous someone sent a snowball in their direction, showering them both in white. Before Drizella could speak, Genie gave her huge impulsive hug and then stepping back, zapped up a set of steps to help her out of the snowy pit before disappearing in a flash of purple light and reappearing floating above her next to the hole. Now free again, he smirked down at the young woman, the urge to tease was impossible to resist.

"Okay Miss Driz, so you don't want that smooch? Fair enough, your loss." Genie made a show of making the mistletoe vanish and then flitting forward in the air and curling his body around almost upside-down, he dipped his face down close to hers, looking deep into her eyes, their lips mere inches apart. His voice became silky and mellifluous his smile quite wicked as with a wiggle of the fingers he made the mistletoe reappear, waving it gently to and fro before her eyes, "Although, l'll keep it on me just in case y'know? Soooo..." the last word came out in a long breathy sigh accompanied by a grin and a wink, "If you change your mind, then you know where to find me - right over there on the winning team!"

With another billow of smoke he vanished before her eyes only to reappear down by the refreshments. Genie looked around him, surely there was time for a quick cup of cocoa before he decided whose turn it was next to eat snow?

Drizella Tremaine - December 18, 2009 04:42 PM (GMT)

    The Genie seemed confused...what, he didn't know proper courting protocol? No, she supposed he didn't...after all, he was going about it all wrong already. But then suddenly he was blustering out words, and she couldn't help but smirk, lifting her brows. "Well. Who am I to say no to an" Man. Genie. Whatever. "Should he properly ask." She thought to add. Her mother would appreciate that.

    If he was trying to backpedal out of this situation, however, he wasn't doing a very good job. The youngest Tremaine's dark eyes lit up at the reminders of what all a magical Genie could do. And of course, everything he was blabbering on about just happened to be right up Drizella's alley. No chores? New clothes? And no CHOPPING?! She was sold, right then and there. She fluttered her eyelashes at him, now determined. So what if he wasn't a prince, or even normal looking. He was magic, and he was going to be HERS.

    "Dontcha think I'm kinda old for you?"

    Well, how old were they talking? But before she could even comment that age really didn't matter in the grand scheme of things (so long as the money continued to pour in) she was attacked by more cold, irritating snow. And then by a Genie, who quickly hugged her before poofing off. She was about to shriek her protest, when he reappeared above her, taunting her. Her brows knit together as a scowl crossed her face, and she was about to voice her rage when he suddenly got all the more closer, teasing her even still. Wrinkling her nose, she clambered up the magic steps as he disappeared once more, waving a fist in his general direction once she spied him again. "Oooo, just you wait!" she screeched after him, pouting. She hated being dumped like that...shortest relationship EVER!

    Huffing, she stuffed her hands into her furry muff, stomping through the snow (and getting her feet stuck on several different occasions) towards the sidelines. No WAY was she taking part in this silly, childish game. She had better things to do. Like figuring out payback for that Genie, and then finding her way back home to whine to her mother. And then rub in her sister's face that she had been courting someone (well, for like two seconds anyhow.)

Jack Sparrow - December 18, 2009 09:13 PM (GMT)
Having for the time being escaped the sprightly Amelia, Jack had taken up refuge at the far side of the ice-sculpture room of the fort and crouched to set his armful of potential missiles upon the ground. He was surprised to see the young girl that had successfully splattered him in the face appear out of a connecting tunnel.

"Hey Mr. Pirate Man. You wanna be on our team? We can fight the scurvy dogs! Grr! Arr Matey!"

Captain Sparrow blinked for a moment and raised an eyebrow at the youths. His eyes shifted from side to side in a calculative motion, they narrowed and widened as he pondered the situation. He offered the young girl and her friend a cheeky smile.

"Seldom am I one to turn down the offer of an ally, young missy, but, to my great regret," he said, his hands secretly molding together a couple of snowballs, "I fear that this particular game sways toward the 'every man for 'imself' category..."

In a deadly-swift motion, Jack shot upright and sent a snowball each hurtling at Dani and Binx. Immediately afterward, he snatched up a smaller armful of snow and bolted in a zig-zag pattern through the maze of sculptures. Behind him he could hear the giggles of delight coming from the girl as she began to pepper every target she could see with snow. Several missed him by inches, one caught his boot. Quickly, the pirate captain made for higher ground and hurried up a snowy staircase. From there he moved to a sparkling white balcony and set about raining snowballs on any unfortunate arrival upon the scene.

Suddenly from his high position he spied a lonesome figure in green just outside of the fort. The temptation was too great. Jack formed the large, soft snowball in both grubby hands, and squinted to work out the trajectory. With a gold and silver-capped grin he sent the missile flying high, dead on course for the top of Drizella's bonce.

Amelia - December 21, 2009 10:26 PM (GMT)
Spitting snow from her snarling mouth with a growl as she pushed herself back upright, the stunned and not a little embarrassed Captain stared after the foolish Minister in wide-eyed silence, as much surprised by the sneaky attack as she was at seeing the awkwardly dressed man running. Being of a feline nature, Amelia was never overly fond of water, and the melted snow Genie had deigned to ram down the back of her coat was blending too well with the snow on the outside, soaking through the thick layers in a slow but aggravating manner. Irritation and cold mixed itself with competition and with a flick of her ears, she pursed her lips and, as taught, evaluated the situation.

She considered her options; she could cheat a little and use her blaster to cave in the well-dug trenches they were in and trap her opposition, but that might be a little too dangerous if Frollo got himself buried, and furthermore the structuring was so impressive it would be a shame to destroy. The same said itself for blocking his route in the same manner, so a chase it was.

Either way, he was going to escape at this rate if she didn't hurry up. Chuckling under her breath with a slight puff of smoke, the fortunate Sparrow was for the time being struck off Amelia's agenda until further notice as she pursued the darkly clad oldster who had been fool enough to instigate snow-war with herself. Taking advantage of her freed hands, the younger, more athletic creature followed easily, springing through the trenches at an alarming rate after her burdened quarry as predatory instinct kicked in.

It didn't take long; having caught up at a suitable distance to put her plan into action, the catlike woman, instead of leaping as she might normally, played against type and broke into a slide through the well-trodden snow underfoot, grabbing at Frollo's leg with one hand and tugging back sharply to bring him down as she brought herself to a halt and twisted to ensure the man landed on his back. Sitting up with a thin smile, Amelia tilted her head in a strangely innocent gesture and folded her arms; far from one who enjoys much physical contact, her green eyes attempted to catch the Judge's dark ones and keep him there by stare alone as she snarked.

"Your sneakiness is duly noted; however, I think I'll also be taking your reaction times into account. You see, my dear sir, I'm faster."

Without another word, she then bolted forwards, seized the Minister's wrists with her own gloved hands and proceeded to shove the twice-stolen snow into his face with a surprising force.

(Let me know if this doesnt work for ye, Frollo mate ;D)

Claude Frollo - December 22, 2009 10:08 PM (GMT)
The attack from the catgirl came at really no surprise. The Judge half expected it, knowing full well she would be furious with how he snuck up on her like that. As he was knocked down on his back to the snowy ground, his eyes widened as the catgirl's smirking face was close to his own. Before he could react to her words. she quickly seized him by his wrists and dumped snow in to his face.

Spluttering from the cold, the catgirl still sat above him. Such a foolish mistake she did not run away right after! Frollo immediately leaped forward, taking Miss Kitty Cat with him. Merely reversing her actions, he pushed her down on her back, pinning her arms with his gloved hands. It was quite easy to do so since she was so much smaller than himself.

"Duly noted on your quickness, my dear, but you see, I also don't play fair!"

With that he leaned in and kissed her quickly on her fury lips. Barely taking notice of her surprised reaction, he immediately pushed himself off of her and took off down one of the slopes. How most interesting, he had just kissed a cat! Never in his life did he think he would ever kiss a girl in the form of a cat before, how most amusing!

Genie - December 22, 2009 11:41 PM (GMT)
Genie had a sneaking feeling that Drizella might be harbouring some kind of resentment over the way he had run out on her back there. In truth he had never meant to hurt her feelings nor to lead her on but as usual had simply got carried away with his own teasing and what he had seen in her eyes back there for a moment or two as she fluttered her lashes at him in response, had been interesting to say the least. Part of him was wondering just how far it would have gone if he had actually let her take the idea of having her very own genie at her beck and call and run with it all the way home to Mama. Another part of him wanted to fly back and apologise for hurting her feelings, whilst yet another counselled prudently that he was probably better off staying out of her sight at least for a while as she'd either try to bury him in a snowdrift or else chop him into blue mincemeat ... she seemed to have a thing for chopping.

Poking his head over a snowdrift, he looked down the slope. There was the little girl and her elegant companion busily chucking armfuls of snow at the retreating figure of Jack Sparrow who was running - or rather flailing - his way about the fort in a very upright manner, coat flapping about him like a torn sail. As Genie watched, the pirate stopped in his tracks and aimed a surprisingly accurate snowball skywards, it didn't take a huge leap of deduction to see that the mass was going to fall plumb on top of the lone figure in the emerald coat who was struggling knee-deep in the snow drifts. Another part of Genie kicked into action, should I try and save her? Of Ratcliffe there was no sign, was he planning some sort of surprise attack or had the buffet table diverted him?

A sudden scuffling close at hand drew Genie's attention and suddenly his eyes went wide as a huge smile lit up his face. Not too far below his vantage point, Frollo and Amelia were engaged in some sort of tussle Genie's eyes went wider still as he watched the lithe feline-girl run Frollo down and drag him to the ground where she promptly dumped a load of snow in his outraged face, smiling at him with feral green eyes.

Aw, now that was kind of unfair. Okay so Claude was a bit of a ... well, actually he was more than a bit of ... although quite what he was more than a bit of had just escaped Genie's memory, but anyway the guy had a history but even so, the Captain down there had speed, stealth and military training behind her and a very unfair advantage - youth! Genie was about to yell out something along the lines of picking on the old guy when to his surprise, Frollo suddenly flipped the slender catgirl over and with what could only be described as some horrible gloating, dipped forward and pressed a kiss to her lips before stumbling away in triumph down the slope. Aw, that was no way to treat a lady!l

Genie's eyes slowly returned to Amelia who was sitting there looking very much like she wanted to spit and to reduce Claude to component atoms with her blaster (although not necessarily in that order.) She looked so strangley vulnerable that Genie couldn't help himself, disappearing in a cloud of smoke he reappeared almost instantly clad in a sleeveless vest and combat pants, his face, arms and chest liberally striped with camouflage paint and a bandana wrapped across his brows while in his hands he clutched a large snow blower-type 'gun'. Sprinting down the slope at full speed (much to Amelia's astonishment) he turned a perfect somersault and landed noiselessly at her feet with a grin before drawing himself up to his full height and throwing her a snappy salute.

"G.I. Genie reporting for duty, Ma'am! Awaiting your orders, Ma'am! I say we team up and make him eat snow, Ma'am!" The start was quite impressive, unfortunately though it couldn't last, Genie fluttered his eyelashes at the silent catgirl, "Say, did you know that your left ear - that's the one full of snow by the way - has a dandelion sticking out of it? Quite nice really, if you had a grass skirt and a lei I'd almost think I was in paradise!"

Thackery Binx - December 28, 2009 02:28 AM (GMT)
Binx followed Dani's lead in launching snowballs at any and all available targets without any regard to strategy. He grinned as one of his hit the erstwhile pirate captain in the boot.

As they exited out the other side of the ice fort he felt a tug at his cape. "Binx! Look!"

On the side of the hill were sleds, toboggans and...snowmobiles. Dani looked at him with a huge smile, seemingly having forgotten the snowball fight, then batted her eyes purposefully and pouted a little.

He looked back. "No, Dani."


He turned in the direction of one of the snowmobiles, then back at his surrogate younger sister. "Well...All right."

"Yes!" It took her all of two seconds to hop on the back.

"Helmet." Binx handed Dani one of the two that had been hanging up and took the other for himself before boarding the craft and getting ready to start it up. "Are you ready? Make sure you hold on tight."

"Yep!" She wrapped her arms around his waist.

"All right then." He started the snowmobile. And they were off!

The controls were straight-forward enough and he had literal cat-like instincts. Soon they were zipping up and down the hill, zig-zagging, spiraling, and making hair-pin turns. The entire time Dani's squeals of joy echoed in Binx's ear and when the ride ended, cheeks red, and breathless with excitements, she asked, "That was awesome! Can we do that again?"

He laughed. "Maybe a little later."

Amelia - January 9, 2010 08:57 PM (GMT)
Intense bubbling rage, cringing indignation and a general sense of stunned disgust battled for control of Amelia's frozen countenance as she pushed herself back up from the icy floor and into a sitting position, feeling somewhat at a loss for anything to do but stare after the fleeing Minister with blazing eyes. How...How dare he presume to do that! In kissing her, not only had he severely disrupted general etiquette and broken her personal space boundaries (like many felines, she was comfortable with getting into people's personal space provided it be on her terms), but most importantly made her stomach churn a little. Far be it for her to have even instigated anything of that ilk regardless, but with Frollo...? From the young, battle-hardened catwoman's perspective, she saw no attraction in the judge whatsoever. Matter of fact, he rather unnerved her, and his most recent action only made her bristle more at his very presence. Oh, he was most certainly going to find himself apologising profusely before the daylight hours were gone...

Luckily, Amelia didn't have much time to ponder the indecency of it all; an eye-burningly blue distraction clad in kakhi came bounding over in all of his puppylike exuberance and, before she could get a word in edgeways, began spouting off a stream of military greetings and offering assistance in apprehending (more likely humiliating) Frollo before jabbering on about dandelions and snow and something called a lei in a manner that made her head spin. Brushing herself off stiffly as she finally rose to her feet, the young Captain coughed awkwardly at the implication that Genie had witnessed the farce and couldn't resist unconsciously batting at the snow-filled ear mentioned despite the dubiousness of anything like a dandelion being stuck there before considering his words. Well, using a Genie was by no means fair play in itself, but she was still so stung and agitated from Frollo's 'cheating' that, just for once, the notion lit up a sense of vicious excitement.

There was only one snag: she'd have to work with-and that meant keeping the attention of-the ever-hyperactive and playful djinn. Well, she always had loved a good challenge...

Catching Genie by the earring sharply before he could dance around any more and attract further attention to them both, Amelia pulled the large blue creature close and cut off any further babble with a gloved finger to the lips. The businesslike, almost malicious smile was anything but friendly.

"Agreed; that lecherous geezer must be taught some manners. However, in order for any ambush of sorts to work, Genie, there are particular aspects-keeping still-much less quiet-that will need to be employed in order for it to work."

Her deceptively saccharine tone became a slight more condescending as she tightened her grip on the genie.

"Am I understood?"

Drizella Tremaine - January 10, 2010 03:28 PM (GMT)


    Was it any surprise at all that Drizella shrieked when compacted snow smacked into the back of her bow-decorated head? For a moment, she simply stared straight ahead, trying to comprehend what had just happened to her. Her lip pulled up into a snarl, and she slowly turned to pass her beady gaze over those warring in the snow, seeking out the unfortunate soul who had dared to target her. HER! That was just downright rude. Snowball fights were SO childish...

    Though, back when she was younger, she had surely bested Anastasia and Cinderella both in many of them... (well, Cinderella hadn't exactly been participating. She had been taking care of the fire, keeping a change of clothes warm for the girls for when they were finished. That didn't mean that balls of snow didn't make it into the parlor, however, to assult the unaware young maid.)

    "WHO WAS IT?" she demanded, stomping her foot into the snow (and nearly losing her balance, forgetting just how deep it was here.) After taking a moment to yank her leg out of the snowdrift, she returned her full, angry focus to those gathered, searching for a guilty face. Ooooh, whoever it was, they'd be sorry once she figured it out...they would be looking over their shoulder for the rest of their lives! Huffing, she continued on towards the sidelines, dropping herself down onto a makeshift rock-seat, dropping her chin into her hands to scowl out at the others littered across the field. Why did this sort of thing always happen to her, anyway? Anastasia had never mentioned being pulled around to strange places with even stranger people. (Well, there had been stories from her childhood, but Drizella was pretty sure those had all been made up.) So why HER? What had she done to deserve this madness?!

    Idly, she batted one gloved hand back and forth across the snow, sighing. She was NOT going to go out there and be so unlady like. But at the same time...just sitting here was boring. Her gaze dropped to the snow she was brushing at, and as it piled up on either side, she suddenly had an idea. Grinning to herself, she shifted herself to her knees, and began to form a much larger pile of snow.

Genie - January 20, 2010 01:33 PM (GMT)
Genie let out an involuntary yelp of surprise as the cat-girl shot forth a lightning quick hand to hook him neatly through the earring with a slender claw-tipped digit and by exerting pressure on the golden hoop - seemingly without any effort whatsoever - managed to both stop his energetic bouncing about and pull him closer until they were eye to eye.

Despite their close proximity, the finger remained through the earring, holding on to him tightly whilst keeping his face on a slightly lower level than hers. Genie's mind went off on one of its usual ricochet-ridden jaunts, was this supposed to be some kind of psychological 'I lead you follow' type exercise or was she just an incorrigible little bossyboots who didn't know when to quit? Hmmm, maybe volunteering his services wasn't such a good idea after all.

Never one to resist an impulse, he was about to regale Ms Kitten as he'd mentally tagged her with a cheerful 'Hey, didja know I can see right up your nose from here?' style greeting when, as if prempting his intentions her finger pressed firmly to his lips in an unmistakeable command to 'button it. From close range her own lips curled up in a calculating smile, very cold, very clever and admittedly kinda unsettlingy too, even for a bouncy big blue lug like himself!

Genie suddenly realised that while he had been staring she had been speaking, probably issuing orders on how best to tackle the Frollo-problem, take down the enemy, make him eat dirt, snow, kibble or whatever else she had in mind for the flirtacious Minister. Unfortunately he only caught the last bit, the "am I understood? bit but he was pretty sure he could fill in the rest, from the look on her face and the pincerlike grip on his ear it was probably something along the lines of 'keep your big mouth shut, keep your blue head down, do exactly what I tell you and we'll get along fine.' Ah okay, he could do that, maybe. Despite the finger still pressed to his lips he gave his new commanding officer a cheesy smile and hissed out sotto voce "Gotcha Ma'am!"

However, before the cat-girl could issue any orders, Genie poofed himself free of her grasp and reappeared beside her in the snow, a high curved bank of which momentarily shielded them from the sight of their 'enemy'. Naturally, the high-strung spirit had already forgotten that he was supposed to be keeping still and quiet and that the girl was in command, instead he was already planning an assault on Frollo, Sparrow and whoever else just so happened to blunder across his line of sight, babbling merrily away whilst grinning at his CO eagerly.

"Sooo, whaddya think? Should we go into stealth mode and creep up on old ... uh, whaddya call him? Old Faithful? Ah no silly me, old geezer that was it on the sly? Grab him by the lapels and roll him in a snowbank and tell him that bathrobe makes his butt look big or do we just go over the top and run him down the old fashioned way? I've probably got a harpoon around here somewhere Ahab -" his expression suddenly became dark and manic, "... we'll follow him around the Horn, and around the Norway maelstrom, and around perdition's flames before we give him up - or at least until we want a cup of cocoa or to change those soggy sneakers! Anyway, choice is yours, just say the magic words and I'll do what you tell me too, pas de probleme! Oooh say, did you want a snow gun like mine? Saves all the bother of cold paws ... hands, it has all the latest gadgets, you can curl your eyelashes, toast marshmallows, knit a teacosy ... I know I've got a spare round here somewhere, hang on a sec!"

Scrabbling around in the snow and seemingly oblivious to the dangerously growing humourless glitter in his companion's bright eyes, Genie produced various unlikely objects out of thin air and tossed them at his companion's feet, "Magic snowgun? Nope ... magic wand, magic bullet, magic kingdom - must be the CA one, its smaller, magic mirror, magic beans, magic tricks ... ah darn where'd I put that thing? maybe you'd like a cat-a-pult instead huh? Or how about a jar of dirt?" Suddenly noticing the girl's expression he trailed off apologetically, "Ahh don't tell me, wrong captain, right?"

Jack Sparrow - January 23, 2010 05:53 PM (GMT)
Seeing that the fight had mostly appeared to be taken elsewhere, Jack grew restless in his 'king of the castle' position and carefully picked his way back down through the fort until he was once again meandering through the various tunnels and trenches that scattered the area. His direct hit upon the lady in the green dress had elicited a delightful response and he was almost a little disappointed he had been so good at hiding. That would teach the hag to moan at his butlering service.

Now the pirate drew closer to the more open landscape just outside the fort. Through the round, window-like gaps in the walls of ice, Jack could glimpse several of the fighters scattered about, hurling snowballs and running. He had to flatten himself completely as a strange contraption roared past, spraying snow from under its metal feet. Sat atop the vehicle were the little girl and the young lad, whooping in glee.

As Jack crept along further, he came across the sight of Genie and Captain Amelia crouched and discussing the merits of strategy. The snowmobile zoomed past again and he toppled backward to avoid being seen.


"Ow!" He managed to stifle the noise into a whimper. What the hell was that? Snow wasn't meant to jingle. Frowning, Jack rolled over and dusted the cold, white powder from what appeared to be a chain. The pirate wrapped his hands about it and gently pulled. Slowly, to his surprise, a rounded shape began to emerge from a nearby wall. The snow tumbled out from the mouth of a pure white cannon. Once he had brought out his find, Jack boggled at the engraving on its side: SNOW BLASTER.

Moments later, Sparrow peered out from an ice wall that gave him a direct line of sight of the cat woman and the djinn. Keeping as silent as possible he waited and listened to the tail end of what they were saying. Or rather, as was expected, what Genie was saying...

"...maybe you'd like a cat-a-pult instead huh? Or how about a jar of dirt? Ahh don't tell me, wrong captain, right?"

Unable to resist the cue, the pirate stepped out into view and called out: "Subtle recovery, Dr Genie, but I wonder, can you recover so easily from this?" Jack gave a dangerous smile and drew his pistol. Instead of making any attempt at shooting, however, the little pirate lowered the gun to the back end of the enormous, camouflaged cannon he had quietly wheeled in front of him minutes before. With a quick flick of the hammer, he ignited the fuse of the snow blaster.

A snowball the size of a boulder boomed out of the cannon's mouth and, although utterly harmless and astoundingly soft, landed squarely on top of both Amelia and Genie with a sort of GLOMPF sound. Jack might have stopped to laugh, but would most likely have bolted off immediately. Unfortunately the power of the snow blaster was such that a suspiciously Jack-shaped imprint could be found in the snow wall behind.

Genie - January 27, 2010 05:32 PM (GMT)
Caught between the urge to continue talking and bouncing around despite the painful memory of the Cat-Girl's needlesharp finger hooked through his earring, and the rarely felt urge to stand still and shut up in the face of her growing anger, Genie looked up as a familiar voice suddenly regaled him from the snow fort.

"Subtle recovery, Dr Genie, but I wonder, can you recover so easily from this?"

His eyes narrowed, ahhh there was Captain Smudgy again waving his spud gun pistol about and looking - it had to be said - remarkably clean for once (possibly as a direct result of wallowing around in all those snowdrifts.)

Before Genie could react to the pirate's presence however, several things happened at once. First, Sparrow's hand holding the pistol moved back, there was a brief flash, a fizzle and then a mighty whuff of air. Second, Sparrow himself disappeared, seemingly snatched from view as though grabbed by an invisible hand and punched bodily (and in all likelihood painfully) straight through the wall of the fort directly behind him leaving an interestingly shaped cut-out in the ice - ow! Thirdly - and much too fast for either Genie or his new commander-in-chief to react to it - a spherical mass of soft heavy snow came winging out of somewhere to smother them both in a tangle of limbs with a muffled glomph!

Buried beneath the white fluffy mass, Genie's first reaction was to giggle, his second to wonder what that intriguing glittering green light dancing so close to his own eyes was. Drawing his head back a little he struggled to find a firm handhold in the snow, realising simultaneously that the green light was in fact the catgirl's left eye seen at extremely close proximity (was that her nose in his ear?) and also that she was now somehow squashed beneath him in the snowpile.

He couldn't help himself grinning at her, "Well this is cosy... oh and by the way, y'know we still haven't been formally introduced...." Realising at once that she was anything but amused however, his expression became a little apologetic, "Uh, sorry ... I didn't see that thing coming or I would've done something ... uh, oh yeah, awaiting orders Ma'am ... "

Unable to salute her beneath the blanketing weight of the snow, he settled for struggling instead until his head and shoulders broke the surface. Freeing his arms, Genie then fixed his fingers in his companion's coat lapels and heaved her up into the frosty air beside him and subjected her to another encouraging grin.

There was no sign of Frollo. There was no sign of the pirate.

Claude Frollo - January 28, 2010 08:25 AM (GMT)
The Minister continued along the snowy slopes, not daring to look back. The feline no doubt may prepare some new attack on him, in which case it was best to just keep moving. There was no fear within him in the least if she did decide catch up to him. This was after all just a snowball fight. If the little kitten could not handle such an attack perhaps she should not play. Chuckling to himself at how he had kissed her, he barely had the time time to enjoy her shocked furry face glaring up at him. It was so impulsive of him, but he knew it would be the best way to catch her completely off guard.

His smirk broadened a little at this thought as he continued trudging along through the slopes, venturing further and further away. At one point he stopped in his tracks, looking at the barren white world around him. Where the devil was he? There seemed to be no sign anywhere of the snowball party, nor did he hear anything either. The bitter cold winds stung at his pale face, making him instinctively wrap his arms tightly around himself. The long black coat may be thick, along with his thick robes underneath, but the cold was still quite brutal.

Frollo pulled the purple scarf up over his mouth and nose. It provided little protection against the freezing temperatures, but not enough. Even the grey gloves helped only a little bit, his hands began to feel slightly numb. Not good at all, he needed to retrace his steps and return to where the others were. At this point he did not care if he got hit with a face full of snow. He had let his gloating get the better of him, to which now led him so far away from the group. Cursing himself inwardly for his foolishness, Frollo trudged back in one direction.

It was in that moment he longed to somehow return to his home world; back to his large warm bed where his fireplace burned brightly. This game had run it's course, it was not fun anymore. Frollo was cold, tired and just plain fed up with this frozen world!

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