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Title: How to Crack websites that use ccbill

dsrt - May 4, 2005 10:17 PM (GMT)
How to crack and make a combo list out of ccbill.log files.

There are 3 (4) things that you need before you can make a combo list out of ccbill.log files, and that is:

Download Accelerator - (if you have a big list)
Raptor III - search on google
Z_NakeR2 - search on google
John The Ripper -

Step 1.
Use Download Accelerator to download the ccbill.log files from the internet.
Don't know where to find the ccbill.log files? Well...don't worry. Here is a some you can start with:

This is how a ccbill file will look like:
ADD-phormis:33iga8EscoU9A|phormis:1014413660:20010608: 20010709:Recurring
ADD-slave4u:13BZdrWqfpr6s|slave4u:1014446426:20010609: 20010908:Recurring
CLN-Auto Cleanup on 20010609
ADD-ndnken:29XmfI5H8Gfgo|ndnken:1014480221:20010610:20 010711:Recurring
CLN-Auto Cleanup on 20010610
ADD-putnam:82kr52A6MjZbA|putnam:6000765983:20010610:20 010908:Recurring
ADD-Charles:93U8CKJwdZfgs|Charles:1014488630:20010610: 20010711:Recurring

Step 2.
After you have downloaded a lot of ccbill.log files, it's a good idea to merge them into one big file.
To do that you have to use Raptor. Start Raptor and click on the "File Operations" button. Then click on "Add List" to insert all the ccbill.log files. When you see that all of the ccbill.log files are in the "Add List" window, click on "Saved merged lists to new file" and click "Add". Raptor will then merge your lists into one big list.

You can also just download and decrypt one ccbill.log file and test it against the site you got it from. Then you will get some working passes to that site.

Step 3.
Start Z_NakeR2 and click on the "ccb*ll.log" button. Click on [color=green]button 1 to load your merged ccbill.log file into Z_nakeR2. Click on button 3 to start ripping the usernames and DES passwords out of the ccbill.log file. Then click button 2 to save the list. (You have to make an emptey txt file before you start Z_nakeR2 where you can save the results)

This is how the file will look like:

Step 4.
Use John The Ripper to crack the DES passwords. Make sure that you have a real good and long single wordlist file to use with JTR.
Write "john -w:singleword.txt despasses.txt" (where "singleword" is you wordlist and "despasses" is the passwords that you are going to crack) to start crack with a password file. If there is still some password that haven't been cracked, write "john despasses.txt" and JTR starts cracking using all modes.

This is the easy way to crack with JTR.. There are several other methods you can use with JTR, but thats an other tutorial.

That's it. You know have a fresh good combo list made out of ccbill.log files

birdman - May 6, 2005 03:47 AM (GMT)

What the fuck did you just say??? ::dribble::

Lao Hu - May 6, 2005 11:42 AM (GMT)
Yea, I'm feeling ya on that one Birdman... Alittle Confuzzled.

Jsn494 - May 6, 2005 10:20 PM (GMT)
Im sure it's somethin...fuckitidont know either

chicago_animal - May 7, 2005 01:33 AM (GMT)
I don't know what DSRT said but here is a much much easier way!

Here is how you get your passes.
1.Download mIRC.(
2.Copy this link into internet explorer or the run command in windows.
3.Type !request then the site you want.
4.You need the billing information.(click the join link on the site you want and it will usually tell you.)
5.Here is an example !request (ccbill)
6.That is how you have to type it
7.It could take 2 seconds to get your pass or 2 hours. It depends on the site.
Thats It. Every pass i have gotten has worked. (except for a couple)

ok this method really does work and 90% of my passes from there still work after months of having them

dsrt - May 7, 2005 04:38 AM (GMT)
hmm...ill give your try chicago.

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